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What is the Afterlife?

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afterlife teaches us that life exists after death. Spiritual beliefs often
teach us that we have a soul that lives on after we die.  Atheists often believe that this is false
since the dead don’t speak and we can’t prove that life exists after we
die.  If this is the case, then why do
billions of people all over the world try to become or be a better person to
prepare themselves for their next life?

Life after
death is not a new age concept. In fact, afterlife theory has been around since
the beginning of time.  Mankind has
always been fascinated with the stars, planets and moon.  When you look up at the sky and see nature,
most people say, “Someone must have created all of this. How can it be possible
that its all one “big bang”?

Is There
Any Scientific Proof of Heaven?

Nobody can
prove that heaven exists. However, mainstream religions like Christianity,
Judaism and Islam all say that it does. Most of what we know about heaven comes
from ancient textbooks and prophets.  If
you read the Holy Bible, you will often read stories from prophets and those
that say miracles came from God in heaven. 

What we know
about heaven came from another person that told us that there is a heaven.  When Jesus came to heaven, he did not give us
a video of what heaven looks like. Instead, he showed us love and said that
when we die, we could go to heaven if we believe in him. If we accept Jesus
Christ as the Lord and savior, we will go to heaven. 

The reason
why most people want to go to heaven is because it said to have no pain or
sorrow. It’s a place where you can stay for all eternity and see that there is
no reason for suffering any longer.

faiths teach heaven differently.  Some
faiths believe that only their own people that believe in their religion will
enter heaven. In Judaism, it is said that the Jews will only enter heaven.
Those that are not Jews will go to a place called hell.  In Islam it is the same. It teaches that all
those that believe in Allah will go to heaven. 
Those that are not believers in Allah will go to hell.

Science has
not been able to prove if there is a heaven or hell. It doesn’t mean that they
never will. After all, they weren’t always able to prove that the earth was
round.  It was once believed that the
earth was flat.  Scientists are still
trying to figure out if life exists on other planets as well. 

Some people
like Annabel Beam claimed that she saw heaven after she fell from a tree.  Annabel is not alone.  There are thousands of accounts of people
claiming that they have been to heaven after dying and coming back to
life.  Others say that they were having
an out of body experience and seeing themselves laying on an operating table
and then going to heaven afterwards. 

You can
either believe these stories or write them off as fiction.  However, some of the afterlife stories are so
chilling and detailed that it leaves you wondering if life does exist after we

Artists like
Leonardo Davinci gives us a glimpse of proof of afterlife through their artwork.  One can only fantasize what life would be
like if there were such a place as heaven.

As you can
see, there is currently no proof of life after death that exists. Only people’s
stories and words from people that claim there is one. 

Worship Give You a Glimpse of Heaven?

Many people
that sing songs to their God claim that they can feel him.  They claim that they feel and sense the presence
of God and know that heaven is real. 
Even though you can’t physically see a heaven, you certainly can sense
that a heavenly place must exist because of the peace that you feel when you
are in that moment. 

What Do
Buddhists and Hindus Believe?

and Hindus believe that we pay for what we have done in this life in the
afterlife. They also believe that the soul is reincarnated into another
dimension when we die.  It teaches that
if you are a good person, you will come back again and someone that has a good
life.  Eventually, if you do this enough,
you will go to a permanent place of rest. Some people see this as heaven and
others see it as simply nirvana. 

believe in the power of meditation.  When
you meditate, you begin to feel internal peace when you reach higher levels of
thinking about nothing. The idea is to put yourself into a sleep like state
forever and feel nothing but peace.  This
is harder to do than most people realize.

It is said
that once the body dies, the soul lives on. 
In Hinduism, it is believed that you can speak to the souls of those
that have died and when you die, they welcome you and help you ascend to the
new world.  You also come back if you
need to.  When you come back, you will
come back according to what you deserve. If you lived a life doing bad things,
you may come back as ant or a dog. 

What Is the
Egyptian Afterlife?

If you lived
in ancient Egypt, you would have seen life on earth as a small part of your
full existence. Ancient Egyptians believed that your life would continue after
you died.  It was believed that if you
lived a good life, you would enter a place called The Field of Reeds.  This was the Egyptian thought of heaven. It
was believed that the Gods would put you there if you deserved to be there. It
was a place where you would feel nothing but peace.

believed that the soul was trapped in the body. 
It would not be free again until it left the body and went back into the
spirit world.  Once in the spirit world,
it could go on to a heavenly place.

God and
the Afterlife

In almost
every spiritual belief, it is believed that an entity decides as to what
happens to your soul when it dies. You go through a period of judgement and a
God will make the decision on what happens to you. Whether you to go heaven or
hell or back to earth is all up to the God in which you believe in. 

don’t believe in a God and therefore say that when their body dies, they are
just gone. They have no soul and go nowhere. 
The famous scientist David Goodall did assisted suicide at the age of
104. He said that he accepted that there was no life after death and that he
preferred assisted suicide to end his life because he felt that he woke up
everyday to suffering. 

For some,
the afterlife is nothing but a state of nonexistence.  For others, it’s a way to enter complete
peace after a life of long-term suffering. 

The life
after death debate has been going on for centuries now between theologians and
scientists.  Theologians argue that
believing in heaven and hell are by faith. 
It cannot be proven through science. 

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) Change the Way that We View the Afterlife?

In the 20th
century, recording devices such as tape recorders, video cameras and television
sets began picking up voices where nobody else was present.  People started to realize that you could hear
voices with recording devices, and it became a worldwide phenomenon.  The voices that were being picked up by EVP
were the sounds of human voices.  They
were and still are words and phrases that human is saying. 

These voices
are often responding to questions that someone would ask them.  The voices are in different languages and
often the dead. 

If you are
wondering how an EVP works, here is some information.  Take a digital tape recorder and visit a cemetery
that is known to have hauntings.  This
means that the cemetery is active with living spirits that want to speak to the
living.  These spirits are often poltergeist
in nature and sometimes spirits that speak actively into recording devices.
Visit a gravestone and place your recording device on top of the headstone.

Ask the
person that to please speak into the tape recorder so that you can talk with
them. You won’t be able to hear their responses.  However, when you play back the recording,
you will often pick up a voice or white noise that you can hear.  You will be able to see that the spirits are
trying to speak to you.  The spirit may
say a simple “hello” or “I am here”. 
They will often respond to your questions. If you say, “Did you die in a
car accident?”  If the person did, they
may respond, “Yes, I died in a car accident” or a simple “Yes”. 

EVP’s are
proof that life does exist beyond this physical world. The air has living
spirits in it that we cannot see or hear with our own ears.  However, recording devices are picking up
these voices.  Amazingly, this could not
have happened before the 21st century.  We are the first century in the history of mankind
that can talk to spirits through a recording device.

It appears
we can prove the existence of the afterlife after all.  We can hear that actual human beings are
trying to communicate with us.  These
beings are coming from a spirit world that we cannot see.  Are they speaking to us from heaven, hell and
in between world? We don’t know.  I do
believe that in time, future generations will research this and figure out what
happens to a person after they die. 

Science has
recently proven that brain activity is still present 2 hours after a person’s heart
stops being and they are declared clinically dead. However, it has not been
proven that brain activity is still present after 2 hours.  Researchers are continuing with their experiment
to see how much longer after a person dies, their brain is still active. These
kinds of research experiments are being conducted in both the United States and

Even the
project CERN in Europe has developed the world’s most powerful computer.  This computer is trying to find out who God
is and if actual spirits exist that we cannot see.  CERN was able to capture some images of
spirits in some of their experiments.  Shockingly,
this was not an experiment about spirits. It was more of an experiment and
study of matter and the God particle. 
However, it is now being looked at deeply because in many of the
computerized images, they are finding actual human spirits appearing out of the

We are
living in amazing times. Times in which the world will soon see that heaven is
real and so is hell. We will begin speaking to spirits once they have died
through advanced recording equipment. 

questions about the afterlife are soon not going to have questions because we
will know 100% that life does exist beyond earth. When we died, our body may go
to six feet under, but our spirt is still alive. Also, what makes us “us” will
survive as well.  It’s going to happen
when we least expect.

It is thanks
to the billions of people that lived and died on earth that worshipped
God.  They were the first to say that
life does exist beyond this world. Jesus Christ said that there was a heaven
and many modern-day religions and spiritual faiths do teach that there is a
heaven and hell.  Many other faiths such
as Hinduism and Buddhism teach about reincarnation of the soul.  It is hard to say exactly who is right and
wrong.  However, its up to you to do your
own research with modern day technology. 

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