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Ways to Save Money as a New Mom

Posted By peronalfynance40 309 days ago on Finance - When my daughter was born, I wanted to save as much money as possible on her expenses without sacrificing the quality of the products. A majority of her clothes were bought on eBay and from online consignment shops. My relatives provided her crib, crib accessories, and baby bottles as well as additional clothing and blankets. Newborns often grow out of their clothes quickly so it is okay to buy size 1 clothing although, for some newborns, you can stick to size 0 for a few more months. Here are some ways you can save money on your baby’s expenses as a new mom. Stock Up on Baby Gear During Sales One of the best ways to save money as a new mom is to stock up on your main baby supplies whenever they go on sale at different stores. This is something I did a lot of when my daughter was born. It saved me lots of money and I didn’t have to make frequent trips to the store. Purchase a Convertible Crib My parents purchased a convertible crib, and I am still able to use it now that my daughter is five years old. By purchasing a crib that can become a toddler bed, you save money on having to buy a new bed for your toddler. Start an Emergency Fund This is something I regret not doing before my daughter was born. It would be wise to open an emergency fund as soon as you find out that you’re pregnant so that you’ll be financially prepared when unexpected expenses occur. After your baby is born, contribute to it every week or two weeks and you’ll have adequate funds when emergencies arrive. Hit the Thrift Stores for Clothing Because babies and toddlers grow out of their clothes quickly, it’s not necessary to buy everyday outfits at high prices. It is better to purchase the kids’ clothing from thrift stores and affordable online stores such as eBay and Poshmark. However, it is okay to pay extra money for special occasion outfits. Ditch the Expensive Baby Toys Retail outlets are filled with shelves of baby toys, and some of them are expensive. You don’t need a lot of these toys because most babies and toddlers prefer to play with everyday objects around the house. Just buy a few toys to start off with and then buy more on special occasions such as on birthdays and on Christmas. Buy Mainly Sales Items at the Supermarket You can cut costs as a new mom by purchasing mostly sales items when you go to the supermarket. Stock up on your favorite food staples and toiletries when they go on sale so that you won’t need to go as frequently during the week. As a new mom, your main focus will be caring for the new baby and it can get tiresome having to go to the store multiple times. Plan your meals around the food that you purchased, and prepare meals that can last a few days and freeze well for later consumption. Check Out the Library You want to read simple books to your baby as he reaches the toddler stage but you can’t afford to buy a ton of books at this time. Don’t worry because the library has books and educational DVDs that you can check out for free. This is how I get books to read to my daughter, and she loves it! These strategies can assist you in saving hundreds or even thousands as a new mom.

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