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Top 8 Logo Design Trends For 2019, Explained With Simple Graphics

Posted By fershid 454 days ago on Design - Previously we featured the top 2019 trends in graphic design, web design, colors, and images. In today’s post, we focus on the top trends in logo design.

One of the most interesting trends we’ve seen recently is responsive logos – logos that adapt to the device they’re being viewed on. For example, imagine a responsive Nike logo. On a desktop website, the complete logo is displayed with the Nike wordmark on top of the swoosh. On a smaller UI (like a mobile menu), a simplified version of the logo is displayed with just the logomark, the swoosh.

Other notable logo design trends include gradient logos, negative space logos, lowercase lettering, abstract geometry, overlapping elements, and more. Kalypso Designs has come up with a series of simple, minimalist graphics that list eight major logo design trends to watch out for. Check them out here.

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