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To Pass Intestinal Gas Through the Anus (in Trump Major)

Posted By Benedict 1886 days ago on Blogging - There’s no one more whom I revile than Mr Donald Trump;A dick engorged by nullity, the US penis pump;Redneck fear of difference gives voice to witless scumAnd arms the crazy bigots with their bibles and their guns.In Europe, yeah, we’ve got our bigots and our National FrontAnd Hitler was a naughty boy - let’s face it, quite a cunt.But Trump’s appeal is something strange, a boorish fucking clown;I stand bemused that anyone would want him to be crowned.Perhaps they want the crown to cover up his nylon rug?Perhaps they want him on the stage to stand near sparking plugs?Perhaps they cry for Donald Trump because they hate mankind?Perhaps it’s just a case of them not being sound of mind?All I know is danger lurks when fuck-wits follow fools;When dumb-ass zealots put their faith in monumental tools.“Let’s banish Muslims, Mexicans and maybe menstrual rage!Reporter’s disabilities? Let’s mock that shit on stage!”Donald Trump, you’re nothing more than pond life with some cash;Irritating but less welcome than a sexual rash.USA, you’ve let us down. O say can you not see?We used to think of Franklin D and now it’s Donald T.O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain;America pull up your pants and douse that Trump piss-stain.

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