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The companies that rule the world-The Global Leadership

Posted By dimiswebs 308 days ago on Art - ‘What’s good for General Motors is good for America,’ said in 1953, Charles Wilson, chief executive officer of the automotive industry. During this period and in the decade of 1970, ‘ multi-nationals have been designed as an instrument of power of the country of origin’, stressed the Economist Frédérique Sachwald. So far, no one has invented a more modern and precise term to describe these ‘giants’ of finance: indeed the industry and its services  became the spearhead of the global economy during the years 1980 and 1990, According to the United Nations Conference on trade and development (UNCTAD), since 2000, 55 of the 100 largest economies, were multinational corporations. These giants preserve international economic presence and they have managed to disproportionate the power derived from our daily lives. In particular, they are the ones who dictate the emerging of some social movements rising and defining the respective prices of capital and labour. In other words, they persistently manipulate our whole existence. Consequently, via the advent of digital technology, they manage to collect and control our personal data since they succeed access to social networks and cultural projects. The economical complex that rules the world Amid political, economic and social demonstrations extending from the Arab world to Europe and the Wall Street, it is simple to figure out the absolute dominance they preserve on the world. Amid the economic crisis occurring not only in the,-so-called-, Eurozone and the aftermath extends to the rest of the globe, the ‘Swiss Federal Institute of technology’, published an analysis which depicts the intervention and the correlation between 43,000 multinational companies and the emerged crisis. Furthermore, the survey detected the mediation of a small group consisting primarily of banks, which seems to keep in their hands the global economy. Additionally, ‘Zurich Group’ managed to detect 37 million from 43.060 multinational companies and shareholders and link these companies in the light of this incredible profit.  Consequently, the group constructed a model which proves how some concrete companies manage to control some others through shares, as well as the operating income of each of them in order to map the structure of economic power. The cutting-edge study has combined some known mathematical models with spherical corporate data to map out who owns the large multinational companies. The geography of power groups like those was impossible to be revealed until recently. Which companies control global economy? ‘In fact, less than 1% of the companies were able to control 40% of the total network,’  James Gklatfelnter from the Swiss Institute highlights. In concrete, most of the companies are in the top are financial institutions, meanwhile, in the 20th position are placed colossuses such as Barclays Bank, JPMorgan Chase Co &, UBS AG, the CSA and the groups Goldman Sachs and Vanguard. As expected, the conclusions of the analysis have drowned significant criticism, however, the analysis team of the magazine ‘New Scientist’ indicates that the project is a unique effort to eliminate the thread of the massive control over the global economy, while via the program  new ways to restore the stability of the global capitalism could be found.  Undoubtedly, the planet dominated by multinational companies governed by an anti-human ideology: the belief that companies are only devoted to the motivation of making profit. Indeed, companies seek to maximize the return on equity by leveraging productivity and paying the minimum amount for taxes and work. Corporate submission-obedience is essential for executives, managers and shareholders. The dominant corporate perspective is to short the current fiscal quarter, since the  corporate ethic is the greed: Do what it takes in order to magnify company’s profit. It is absolutely devastating to know that only five key factors are responsible for the failure and the collapse of the  whole world. We live in interesting times.  Some pawns fall, others will be moved. Eventually, the fact is that sometimes we are not able to see and realize the real nature of the ongoing mechanisms, so the distance is helpful in order to figure out the real game playing.

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