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Posted By creativeextraordinaire on Creative Lifestyle - Self-expression is at the core of civilization, the inventions that we have witnessed in the last few decades are nothing short of phenomenal. The evolution in technology has rendered a lot of processes and regulations obsolete; the arts and creative industries have also benefited greatly from such advancements. There is never being a better time for personal expression, though it requires a lot more than just having a platform; Creativity requires a culmination of skills, self-worth, and dedication- the ability to learn, work and grow and free ourselves from the confines of our customary way of life and build better societies for ourselves. Click here to subscribe to my channel By expressing our authentic selves we are sure to live and thrive in life, this is the reason it should always be encouraged and promoted. Now here are some of the benefits of self-expression: 1. REPRESENTATION: self-expression breeds representation, it allows the exchange of knowledge and information, talents, diversity of opinions, life experiences and cultural awareness. 2. ELEVATION: self-expression elevates our collective consciousness, our ability to produce a variety of ideas, to see beyond the here and now and create something of substantial value. 3. GROWTH: self-expression instructs, entertains, inspires and creates opportunities for growth. 4. COURAGE: self-expression tests our courage and forces us to be original and authentic. 5. EXCELLENCE: self-expression seeks a life of excellence by becoming a creative outlet and seeking genuine expression. 6. INCLUSION: self-expression dispels the myth that creativity is something only for geniuses. 7. WELL-BEING: self-expression has wellness benefits: the multiplicity of thoughts, arts, ideas, and beliefs creates a sense of comfort and guidance. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 1. FORM: self-expression gives form to our formlessness through the messy creative process. 2. DISCOVERY: self-expression encourages innovation and discovery. 3. FREEDOM: self-expression gives us permission to live freely and authentically. We should never shun from our capabilities for meaningful work but rather embrace the creative thinking process as tedious and messy as it usually is. The diversity that is in the world proves to us that all of us are here for a purpose and on assignment. Let’s all thrive for creative excellence and creative minds that are not afraid to live by our utmost ideals. I end with remarks from Rollo May’s book, the courage to create that goes like this “the creative process must be explored not as the product of sickness, but as representing the highest degree of emotional health, as the expression of the normal people in the act of actualizing themselves."



Great article! Self expression is something I am really passionate about, especially when it comes to finding your brand and following your own path. Your post actually ties in very nicely with a recent blog post of mine about finding your "true north" here:

Appreciate your thoughts!

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