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Start Your Blogging Journey Today

Posted By Ileane 1653 days ago on Blog Tips - Start Your Blogging Journey TodayIn this episode of the Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast, I want share my thoughts on getting started with a blog. I often get questions from bloggers who don’t know where to start with their blogging. First you need to establish a goal or objective for your blog. Here are a few examples: You want you voice to be heard You want to help people You have a business, or product or service You want to support a cause or charity You not sure what you want but you’re experimenting The Story of How I Got Started BloggingI share the story of how I started blogging by accident when I thought I was subscribing to my daughter’s blog, but I ended up signing up for my own by mistake. When visitors come to your blog for the very first time, can the take one look and know exactly what your blog is about? Does your blog title and tagline send the correct message about your content. What should you name your blog? Don’t worry if you’re not sure about “focus” in the beginning stages of your blog. You have a lot of skills to master in the early days of blogging. Once you build up your blogging skills, you can decide on your topic like I did with Basic Blog Tips. Next make sure that the title and tagline of your blog appears “above the fold” so that it is the first thing people see when they land on the page. Add a picture of yourself to the sidebar (I cover some do’s and don’ts) and provide more detailed information on your “About Page”.  Remember to have fun. Happy blogging!PLEASE NOTE: PREVIOUS SHOWS AVAILABLE HEREiTunes or Stitcher

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