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Sir Thomas Overbury said (Quotes-Mottos)

Posted By dimiswebs 283 days ago on Art - Category : Quotes-Mottos, Ancestor Said by : Sir Thomas Overbury Person : Jon Voight   The man that has nothing to boast of but his illustrious ancestry, is like a potato- the best part under the ground. – Sir Thomas Overbury Who was Sir Thomas Overbury Very notably said by Sir Thomas Overbury: “The man that has nothing to boast of but his illustrious ancestry, is like a potato- the best part under the ground.” Inverting the weight of one’s roots that should however not ponder the pioneer importance to ones exclamation of personality. Sir Thomas Overbury (1581-1613) was an English poet and wrote also several essays.  He is famous for his poem “The Wife”, where he portrays the virtues a young man should seek to a woman.  It played a grand role in the events that followed that precipitated his murder. But we should examine things from the start. Overbury was an educated young man and having travelled in France and Holland the Under Countries, gained the favor of Young Robert Carr, the kings favorite. Carr took to the palace the young Overbury to be his advisor. In June 1608, Overbury was knighted by the king, and Carr became Viscount Rochester.  Rochester enamored Lady Essex and prompted for a divorce from her husband so as to marry her. Overbury, feared that he would lose his influence upon Rochester, and attempted to discourage him from doing so.  At the same time he completed his essay “The Wife” which was considered to be an insult and assault to Lady Mary, who imprisoned him and poisoned him to death.  Investigations were undertaken concerning his death, and the murder was put on trial, four accomplishes were convicted and executed.  Somerset and the Countess were pardoned from the King. The essay of Overbury was published a year after his death and remains a profound insight to the society of the 16th century. Who is Jon Voight The nominated actor Jon Voight, succumbs to the quote of the poet, and withstands that however strong the roots of one may be, it is important to stand on one’s own feet and myths. The known American actor, has a list of films in which he celebrated.  He has won an Academy Award, while he has been nominated for four.  He has also won four Golden Globe Awards but has been nominated for seven.  We know him in films such as “Deliverance” “Midnight Cowboy,” National Treasure,” Runaway Train” and other.  Has co-stared with many famous actors such as Dustin Hoffman, Burt Reynolds, Richard Dreyfuss, Matt Damon, Will Smith and his own daughter Angelina Jolie at “Tomb Raider”. He explains about his practicing a role: “I marinate. I think about the role. I make a note or two in the middle of the night and then come in to the set and stay wide open to the ideas from the directors and the other actors. See how it happens when you’re doing it, that’s the most important thing.” On experimental films he says “I’d like to see more films being made, and the leading actors taking less money. A lot of projects become impossible when you have to start out by paying somebody a million bucks. I think people have to be ready to experiment, and not be so protective of their careers and image.” His political stance was liberal at his early years taking antiwar stands alongside Jane Fonda and Leonard Bernstein.  However he adopted conservative views later in his career which he declared publicly.

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