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Single Girl Day Out: Get Out Review

Posted By Xoreflections89 1135 days ago on Personal - Like one of my favorite women ever Wendy Williams, when I write a story I like to give you guys a back story before I get to the story. This past Sunday I was heading to work thinking I had to work, when I get there my boss tell me to go home she need me for Monday morning. So, I was heading home when I was reading down my friends’ timeline about the movie “get out” so instead heading home I went to see this so-called controversial movie. And when I say I have not been entertained by a movie in a long time, this movie kept me at the edge of my seat. I don’t want to spoiled the movie, but it touches some topics that is swept under the rug so to speak.Kinda crazy that we had a black president, legalized gay marriage and accepted transgender people (some will say force to accept) but people still have a problem with interracial relationships. The movie address that common fear that black people have when it comes to interracial dating, growing up my parents made it very clear to me at an early age that they didn't want me to date outside my race. And as I gotten older I made a decision for myself to stay dating within my race, not because of my parents but because I love black men so much that I don’t see myself with no other race other than my own. But in the movie, it killed me how she tried to make it seem like he was crazy when he told her that her family didn’t like him. Plus, the fact that she didn’t tell her family that he was black beforehand would have been my warning to get the fuck out of there. And I did see posts after the movie of black women, telling black men to leave white women alone (but I doubt this movie will not stop black men from dating white women I'm just saying).But what I love about this movie was his best friend, (who is true best friend’s goals by the way) rod Williams played by LilRel Howery. His best friend told him from the jump that the whole situation was fishy, but as well all know (well black women know) black men love to found out the hard way. But what I loved is that he knew that something was off, and he kept looking for his friend; and wasn’t going to stop until he found his friend. Even made a fool of himself going to the police station trying to report his friend missing, seeing how his friend went hard to go find him made me want to have a sit down with my few friends; and asked them would they do the same for me. But overall the movie was so good, I will be going a 2ndtime to see this movie that how good it was to me. But these are one of those movies that black family need to take their children to see, because there are questions that your children will that they need answers too like interracial relationships, racism, hypnosis, and friendship etc. etc. etc. I don’t want to spoil the movie for others, but go support this movie you will enjoy yourself.That Is All

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