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Shutterstock’s Top Creative Trends For 2019

Posted By fershid 349 days ago on Design - Shutterstock has released their 2019 Creative Trends Report, based on billions of image, video, and music searches and downloads from more than 1.9 million creatives. The report comprises of three sections – major trends, rising trends, and global trends in 20 countries around the world.

The major trends include Zine Culture, 80s Opulence, and Yesterday’s Tomorrow. The rising trends include Beyond Plastic, Kawaii, Kalamkari, Rococo Romance, Prism, Hypnotism, and Everyday Futurism. The infographic lists visual examples of each trend along with their year-over-year search increase percentage.

We’ve also included links to images, videos, and music of each trend. Check out the report here.

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