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Reviews: The Walking Dead - Season 6 Episode 8 - Start To Finish

Posted By themoviesleuth 1467 days ago on Movies - The mid-season finale erupts into a mess of human blood and rotted zombie guts. "If they'd stop giving me suchstupid lines, I could remainthe coolest character on this showright now."After several meandering episodes, the writing staff of The Walking Dead gets their ducks in a row for two powerful weeks that will keep fans anxiously awaiting the second half of season 6. Start To Finish amplifies the tension, raises the gross out factor just a hair, and kisses a regular character good bye. With the lagging setup that was going on for a third of the short half season, Start To Finish follows in the footsteps of last week's episode with a more succinct effort that rallies to give fans the momentum they've been waiting for. Centered on the fall of their latest civilized area, the cast pulls together to take on a mass of walkers and the added stress of possibly losing their safe zone. Mixing in solid human interaction and the battle torn post apocalyptic world of the undead, Start To Finish once again successfully ups the ante for the characters of The Walking Dead. Where most other finales have focused on more straight up action, Start To Finish continues to build upon the themes of this entire season. Relationships are formed. Some are ripped apart. Some become the center of added drama. With this last week, viewers are treated to the spectacle of thousands of walkers converging on the town as Rick tries to once again figure his way out of a dire mess. The viewership at large will definitely find gripes with this as a mid-season break, however it definitely was a throwback to the earlier seasons of the show. With the coming arrival of the Negan, this served its purpose to get the main characters back on their feet, outside the aluminum walls of Alexandria.Setting itself divisively apart from that droning mid-section of season 6, the last two weeks have featured better writing, a more focused story line, actual character development, and a decidedly heavier tone that expects more of its viewership. While some characters were still missing from the fray, The Walking Dead finally takes season 6 up a notch. If it weren't for the goofy back and forth between Morgan and Carol and the shameful melodrama between Carl and Ron, Start To Finish was one of the better episodes so far this year. Now, if they would finally learn that couches won't keep zombies out, this should be finally be great. Score-CGLike the taste of flesh? Share this review?

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