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Reviewed: The Walking Dead Season Five

Posted By themoviesleuth 1711 days ago on Movies - Season five ended tonight. Here are my thoughts."Could someone PLEASEwrite a shower intoan upcoming episode?"The Walking Dead season five came and went with another undead whimper. This season was just another symptom of show writers that can't dedicate to anything for too long. Much like every other season of this zombified soap opera, the writing department failed to commit to allowing any real growth for the main characters or the situations they're experiencing. Each time a new character, villain, or safe haven is introduced, it's taken away or turns out to be a "not what it seems"... never allowing their viewership to settle in for the long haul. This is problematic and proof that these writers really have no idea how to deliver a weekly series that's rooted in human emotion. We waited forever for the arrival at Terminus. We loved to hate the Governor. And fans have been engaged in every character they've introduced and then taken away in an instant. The Walking Dead writers are constantly writing great bits and pieces that the audience can associate with. Then, for some strange reason, they destroy everything they've built up by tearing it right back down again with needless expressionism and a lack of creative focus. Just like every other season of the show, it seemed like the writers and directors couldn't sit on one idea for too long. Instead of letting things take a natural course, they concentrated too much on constant motion, not enough character development, and shock value for the sake of being shocking. It's understood, this is a show about a fictional zombie apocalypse. But this season seemed more undefined than the last and far too many things were left unsaid in the storytelling department."God, all I ask for aresome better writers.  Can you at leastdo that one thing for me?"Yes, the stakes are high. But, the inherent problems lie in two areas. People don't want their favorite characters constantly wiped from the screen. And we want some semblance of a real story arc. The Walking Dead forgoes the expected by trying to be extreme at all turns. Instead of constantly going for the throat, season five should have seen a real change or allowed fans some time to get over these mangled, uneven episodes that killed off numerous underdeveloped support players. Just for once, let one of these "safe" areas stew for a while. Let the characters breathe a sigh of relief and concentrate on developing stronger, longer running character arcs. And for god's sake, let some of their hope for a better world take more of the spotlight. It would make for much better tv. Season five seemed like a long winded tease that only gave us an unneeded artistic expression episode, deaths that should have never happened, a creepy Carol, and Rick becoming the person he hated the most. Luckily, the finale finally lived up to the hype. It was a well rounded episode that leads us to believe that their stay may be extended and that season six just might get back to a core story rich on development of character and tension reminiscent of the first two seasons. I'm hoping for the best. -CG

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