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Outfit Post : Capes & Winter Boots

Posted By carolinestyling 1576 days ago on Fashion - When I started this blog, almost five years ago, it took a while for me to 'take it seriously', to invest time and energy in it. It also took a while for it to literally take over my life. It's hard to describe but it never really seems possible to take real 'downtime' anymore. In the last half of 2016, I've had a number of new followers joining from different parts of the world - this means there are people reading and checking in at literally all hours of the day. Can I go on holiday and live without data access for a week? Can I not pick up a camera for a week or refrain from asking the hubby to photograph something or other? The answer is 'probably not'. My recent decision to expand into travel makes this even more unlikely but the real question is - do I mind? I'm not quite sure - on the one hand, my blog is my baby, something I've built from the ground up and watched grow every step of the way. On the other hand, the ability to switch off and disconnect from the world for a number of days is something I miss. I probably could plan for it and do it, maybe the truth is - I don't want to.So why am I rambling? Well, I'm attempting an explanation as to why during my Paris holiday, after a morning shopping, I asked the hubby to spend an hour shooting this outfit in our lovely hotel - Hotel Chavanel. Did he mind? I'm not quite moments like this, sometimes it's best not to ask too many questions and hope.I already touched on this in my previous write-up - I loved the style and mood of this hotel, it has a somewhat minimalistic style with bursts of colour at just the right spot. One of my favourite thing was this cage in the lobby - a 'reading cage' - the bar at the top allows you to fold a newspaper onto it .Reclining backwards and reading is all you need to be doing. I was told that it's a one-off concept piece which is a shame, as I think it would have fit rather nicely in my house - after all, we all need cages in our lives.Woolen cape-dresses, however fluffy, are simply not enough protection for sub-zero temperatures but since when wearing capes, arms are not accessible, it's not really possible to wear a coat. I had to attempt to 'throw' a coat over my shoulders and hope to God doesn't fall off each time a gust of wind blew my way. Besides keeping my coat on, God should well and truly bless these boots which were gifted to me for my birthday, they are simply so warm and fluffy - absolutely divine.Outfit Details Cape: Topshop (sold out but similar here and here)Earrings: H&M Shoes: Calvin Klein Coat: Pinko Bag: Charles & Ron Hat: Paris BoutiqueLocation: Paris / Hotel Chavanel All Photos by KURT PARIS

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