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Our Last Words

Posted By CoreyRhodes 1747 days ago on Poems Poetry - So is this where I stand?Flicking mutters in the wind.With no place up to go save myself.I think my nerves rather thin.So is that where you go?Somewhere else where no one knows.Striking that same old poseto go and to save just yourself.I’m growing tired of this joke.Am I always second in line?Well that’s where I am now.A vacant building torn and abandoned.Crumbling under my feet.You drink like an ocean,you’re as shallow as the beach.You need to talk to go and save yourself,but the waters at your knees.So I left you like a disease,but you still think we're fine.You're to caught up in your mind to go save yourself.I jumped right out of sight.So where do you stand?Not here because its cracked.I left to go and find my mistakes,but you are unraveling without the string.Where am I now?Not near you, not near friends.You are full in your mind and yourself,you forgot that you could be mine.So is this were I stand?Another woman in my hands.Well its better than you go and get yourself off.I guess you are the one who wins.So where will you go?Nobody stops and nobody knows.Striking that old fashioned pose.You know now I'm no longer close.  Remember me

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