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Netflix Now: Between Episodes 1 and 2

Posted By themoviesleuth 1636 days ago on Movies - H lays waste to the new Netflix series, Between.Netflix, maybe feeling the pressure of corporate television, brings the world a one episode a week show called, Between. To start, the reason everyone watches shows on Netflix is because you can “binge watch” entire seasons with no commercials and no waiting. Way to conform Netflix!!! "Bastard in a basket!!!Bastard in a basket!!!"So, now, it’s a Saturday evening and you start up your PlayStation 4 and open your Netflix app. “Oh, a new show!? Netflix shows are awesome!” You highlight Between and read the description; “The adults in Pretty Lake die. Those under age 22 live. But no one can leave town. Now what do you do?” Whoa, what!?…and sci-fi…Ok. Let's watch it. Well, “Ok, let’s watch it” just might be the worst possible thing you can do. Wow. This show is not good. Of course, it starts on the main characters trying desperately to act like friends while walking down a hallway in high school, oh, and, yup, one of the characters is pregnant!? No way! It seems everyone in this show was told to act like this was an elementary school play. The script is forced through clenching teeth and the one liners…please, somebody, just stop it already. Jennette McCurdy, who plays Wiley Day, is better known for her role as Sam in iCarly on Nickelodeon (2007-2012), which isn’t saying much. She's acted for a while and has ‘can cry on cue’ on her resume. The male lead character, Adam is the “smartest kid in town”, having just been accepted into MIT, is monotone, unemotional, and poorly executes the comic relief aspect of the show.Who’s to say that the creator/director, Michael McGowan didn’t want this character to be boring? Maybe Jesse Carere thinks tech-wiz kids are actually robots. I will admit one actor, Justin Kelly (recently seen in Maps to the Stars) is decent. You can at least feel something when he speaks. And, there's even an actress with down-syndrome on the show, which is awesome…if done right. Her character is Amanda and is daughter to Pretty Lake’s rich family. Sorry, only American Horror Story is allowed to do that because it’s a brilliant show."That Craig's List ad said orgy.This is not what I was thinking."After the first episode, I went to my freezer, grabbed the cherry vodka and took a giant swig. It was the only way to ease the hurt in my head. There is something about the “no one under 22 years of age dies” that loses you. A Strange disease is killing off people in a small town and is quarantined; hell yeah! “BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!” Everyone over 22 years old is dying? I don’t even care anymore and it really is that boring folks. Nothing going on makes you care about anyone or anything. Not even the pregnant main character. After the second episode ended and Netflix stopped, I literally sat on my couch thinking IF I should write this review for, at least eight minutes. IF I should watch the new episode each week to update you on this pile of steam. The only decent thing in Between is the scoring. All of the music fits accordingly to the tone of the show. The music is the only emotional thing in here, oh, and this little girl you will never see again in later episodes was adorable. She delivered her lines adequately and couldn’t be more than four years old.Please, after reading this, go on Netflix and rate this show a one star and remove it from the list! C’mon Netflix, you gave us House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Get this crap out of here. -H

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