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Microsoft OneDrive is generously giving unlimited storage space

Posted By michael.aulia 1818 days ago on Technology - Through recent announcements in the past starting from the day Microsoft OneDrive launched, Microsoft has been giving more and more storage space to the mass (such as getting an extra storage space in June 2014 and a way to earn an extra 30GB space in September 2014). Weeks later, a more shocking announcement came. Microsoft, […]Copyright: Craving Tech - Technology and Reviews



I now have 1Tb storage from MS, more from Google, and Apple keep wanting me to jump onboard.

Right now I use Dropbox and like that the content is mine. I just wonder how long before dropbox is out of business?


I also use Dropbox but I have quickly ran out of room, I went and bought a 1tb external HD and now I just back up everything on there including my downloaded tv shows and movies. One thing that really upset me with Dropbox at first they give you a ton of space and now they are teeing me time is running out and I'll be down to the small amount of space soon, that was pretty rude in my opinion. So yea I went and did all the options to get to 50 GB and now they are taking it all away...


I use both, Dropbox and OneDrive, OneDrive I use with Windows 8.1 and Office 365 to keep all my documents in sync with multiple Windows desktops, Dropbox is for all my blog files to be in sync for my writers and for my writers to have their own folders to upload video reviews for me to process and add to our YouTube channel.

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