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Meet The Blogger: Meet Stephanie Of Imperfectly Painted

Posted By Thesupergirl 889 days ago on Beauty - It's time for another fun filled edition of Meet The Blogger!Today's Blogger is Stephanie of Imperfectly Painted. My fave part of Stephanie's blog is her annual Best of poll which she asks her readers to pick their fave polish brands, finishes, topcoats, colors and more.What make you start a blog?There are two main reasons I started my blog. One, I really wanted a creative outlet and something I could do just for fun. Two, I wanted to connect with other people who love nail polish as much as me. I found nail polish a fun, easy, and creative way to express myself and blogging gave me that outlet and people to share it with. How long have you been blogging?I have been blogging a little over 6 years. I started my blog April 2010. What would you say makes your blog unique?I think I offer down-to-earth and personable experience for my readers in my blog. I purchase 98% of the products I have on my blog, so I have the same consumer experience as my readers do. I also review products from every outlet in nail polish old, new, mainstream, drugstore, and indie. My blog is simple, but it has variety and it's relatable.What's your favorite part of having a blog?My favorite part of having a blog is the people I've met throughout the process. I've met so many wonderful people in the nail community. I also really like having 6 years worth of blog posts. I feel like my blog is a major part of my life and I enjoy how I've grown with it over the years.Have you ever reviewed a product that has become something you use all the time?I think there are definite brands I go back to all the time, but not specifically a certain product. What would you say is the downside of blogging?The downside is definitely the trap you can get into with comparing yourself to other bloggers. I know my blogging style is more casual than most and it's hard not to feel insecure or inadequate sometimes. I can get stuck in feeling I'm not worthy of feeling good about my blog because it's not as substantial as other people's. It's always a constant process of reminding myself that this is a project I started for me, it's my space, and I'm allowed to be proud of it and myself.Do you have a least favorite post that you've written?I don't have a least favorite post. I have some posts early on where my swatching wasn't so neat, but my blog is "Imperfectly Painted". I keep those posts up because it's nice to see how far I've come. What is something you have to have while writing a blog post? Examples music, watching netflicks, drinking tea ectI actually keep it pretty quiet while writing up posts. I can't multi-task well, and I write better in complete silence. That being said, while swatching I tend to listen to podcasts.Do you think your blog has changed of the years?I think the heart of my blog has remained the same. I haven't changed the format or style. My swatching skills have vastly improved and that is probably the only noticeable change.Are you married? Do you have any kids and/or pets?I'm not married, but I've had a boyfriend for the past 7 years. No kids, but we have a furchild cat named Chara, who we adopted together when she was 4. She will be 11 this year. Any advice for new bloggers?My advice for new bloggers is stay true to who you are and your intent with blogging. I think it's easy to get caught up what we think a blog "should" be, when your blog can be whatever you want. There are many stressful aspects of blogging, so it's important not to let that overtake you. You have to find your joy in blogging and hold on to that.Thanks so much for being a part of Meet The Blogger Stephanie! You can find her at her blog & the following social media pages.BlogFacebookTwitterInstagram

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