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#Mashup Monday: Earth, Sweet Earth

Posted By ayieta 1759 days ago on Health - Earth to Love Buds...Come in Love Buds! This week's mash up is a heavenly combination that is a merger of essences all with deep roots.I started with "Sweet Earth" from Joans Gardens on Etsy. This is a vegan, natural, cold process soap scented with lemongrass, lavender, tangerine and patchouli essential oils with added poppy seeds for exfoliation.  This soap has great lather and skin conditioning and the poppy seeds weren't irritating to my sensitive skin.  The fragrance is uplifting from the citrus oils yet the earthiness of the patchouli serves to ground it while the lavender brings a wonderful balance to the entire experience.  At $5.00 for a 4.25 oz bar, this bar is a great value.I then sealed with Lavender Body Butter from Cedar Ridge Soaps.  I visited with Joan, the owner at her home in Western Maryland a few months ago.  Her body butter is a rich, thick, shea butter based (no water added) sealant with the amazing scent of fresh lavender.  When layered Sweet Earth soap, my skin was hydrated, sealed and felt amazing and the ethereal experience of the combination of essential oils from the soap lingered for quite some time, with just and added kick of lavender.   Though rich enough to use in colder weather, I found that sealing at night with the body butter helped my skin remain moisturized all day, but it did not feel heavy or like I was overheating.This combination is was really exhilarating!  I know the common feeling about lavender is that it is very calming and relaxing.  I find that for me, it really is an invigorating scent.  I keep a bit of lavender essential oil on my night stand, but instead of using it to fall asleep, I take a sniff of it when I am having a hard time getting out of bed and I find that it gives me a little boost.How do you feel about lavender?  What Mash Ups do you have planned for this week? If you're enjoying this blog, would you mind taking a moment to subscribe?  Just hit the "follow me on bloglovin" button or the "join site" button in the followers section.  It would really help me be able to keep bringing you reviews and insights about new products. (and sharing them via giveaways ;)That's it for now -Peace, Love & Lot's of Bubbles!

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