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Link Reclamation – Turn Brand Mentions Into Juice Passing Links

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Link reclamation is a process of searching the internet for all the mentions of your company that do not link out to your website and asking whoever is responsible for the relevant page if they will link out to you in their mention of your brand. The reason behind doing this is that mentions of your company on the internet that link to your company’s website deliver far more SEO value than ones that do not. Link reclamation can therefore see you maximize your return on investment on any marketing or PR effort that has left a digital footprint. It is, in essence, a very straightforward link building tactic. Link Reclamation: How to Turn Brand Mentions Into Juice Passing Links Link reclamation has 5 stages & here is how to do each of these steps: Finding Web Pages that Mention Your Company but Do Not Link Out The best way to find pages that mention your company but do not link out is with a Google search. To do this you need to put together a list of keywords that uniquely identify your business (or as near to this as possible). This means that if that keyword is on a page, chances are it will be in reference to your business. These keywords will vary from business to business, but common ones include: Your brand name The full name of key members of your business Your domain name Any unique products or services that you offer The name of any case studies or research that you have published, or events that you have put on Once you have a list of these keywords, you then need to put them in this format: “[keyword]” -site:yourdomain So for example, a search around the keyword ‘Webnus' would be: "Webnus" This search would...

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