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Is Your Libra Man Saying He Wants a Break from the Relationship?

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are very particular when it comes to love. They often want to take control and

tell you what they want to achieve in their lives when it comes to love. They are

often the first ones to say what they will tolerate and not put up with in love. 

Libra men

often want to have someone come close to them, but then have them back away

when the going gets tough.  They can be

awfully hard to deal with if you don’t understand them well. 

They are a

powerful zodiac sign in the calendar and most of the other zodiac signs can get

along with them. However, if you are someone that wants to initiate good

contact with him, its best to do as he says. If he wants a breakup for a while,

its best to leave him alone until he figures things out.

He might

feel that he needs a lot of space.  Most Libra

men like to have friends and social activities to keep themselves busy. They often

want to have someone loving them as well. 

You need to only ask yourself if you want to have someone around you

that cares a lot.

You must

always try to figure out what is going to work out best for you in life. You

must always come to see that you can carefully and easily learn from the

past.  It is something that you will have

to do in order to overcome any obstacle that is presented to you. 

Did you know

that many Libra men find it difficult to express their feelings?  They will often tell you that they are not

interested in letting you know what is going on inside of their hearts and

minds.  They often want to tell you that

they are afraid to love.  They often feel

that its hard for them to become expressive because they always think that they

are going to get hurt.


important to allow your Libra man to have space because he will often want to

let you know that his feelings can easily get hurt.  He doesn’t want to have any kind of drama in

his life.  If he does feel like he is

getting drama from you, he will often ghost you and make you feel that he is

not interested in getting along or being together for a while.

You need to

make sure that you are not texting him excessively.  Most Libra men say that a woman that texts

him to much is someone that he would rather not want to be with in the future.

He is often the kind of person that doesn’t want to have anyone doing anything

negative to him.  He often wants to see

success in work, love and play. 

Libra men

tend to make the average woman wonder what he is going to be up to tomorrow. He

has an adventurous mind that is always willing to learn and to give of himself.

He is often the kind of guy that doesn’t like trouble. He wants to make sure

that everything around him is making more sense.  At certain periods of time, he is looking over

his shoulder and asking himself what the next big thing is going to be for


For the

Virgo, he is trying to understand his life more daily. If you are a supportive woman,

you are most likely going to get a lot more out of him.  He wants to tell you what his feelings are

and if he is willing to give you more of his heart. 

It’s best to

fall in love with a Libra man during the holidays. His heart is more open to

love, family and people around him that care. 

You can often meet him through mutual friend or simply online.  You may find that many online dating apps

have people that want to have love.

Libra men

have a lot of courage when it comes to dating and take it seriously.  They don’t often want to date someone that

they can’t see a future with. They are often wanting to tell you that they are

willing to give you more of their heart because of what they feel. They often

want you to know that they can give of themselves when least expected. 

Libra men

tend to feel a certain level of trust with the person that they play on being

with forever. Libra men will often tell you if you are talking with them to

much. However, if they feel that things are not working out, they will often

slowly back away. 

If you want

to win him back, the best thing to do is to tell him that he must come to you

when least expected.  You need to also accept

what he is willing to give you and if it works for you.  You may want to be around a man that wants to

bond together with you and show you how they feel. 

Learning how

to love is often beneficial for you because it will only grow stronger.  The bond that most zodiac signs have with a

Libra man are remarkable.  He is the kind

of guy that gives you what you want in the bedroom and has you coming back for

more. He wants to give you a lot more of his heart and show you that he can give

you a lot more of himself.  The love that

he gives is often not open as most people would like.


the Libra man can be closed off at first and then getting better over


What do

Libra Men Need?

Libra men

need a woman that is going to give them space. 

They need to know that you are not going to run off to be with someone

else because he is taking his time with love. He will show you that he is not

willing to give you his all until he feels confident that you will be true to


When it

comes to love, allow him to see that you are not going to push your feelings

aside.  Let him know that its okay to

talk about what he is going through. Don’t try to smother him. Don’t send him

more than one text a day if he is not responding to you. 

If you tend

to text a lot, don’t do it with him. He often prefers his space until he

reaches out and lets you know that he wants to see and talk to you.  Over time, you will come to see that he does

want to show you what’s happening inside of him. Give him space if you think

that he is the one. 

How Not

to Bombard Him with Questions

Asking him

question after question in one sitting can be to overwhelm for him.  He might say that he does like talking with you,

but don’t interrogate him with question after question. This will only get on

his nerves.  He will feel like you are

trying to get at something that doesn’t make much sense to him. 

A conversation

is more than just a bunch of questions. 

If you think about it, you can carefully and easily learn from any past

mistake that you have in your life.  You can

easily go after what you feel is important to you. Over time, you will see that

you can look at yourself and feel like you can take on new responsibility. 

Over time,

you will come to see that in life, you must go after what you feel is

important.  However, make sure that he is

on the same page as you when the two of you do talk. 

Over time,

the Libra man will come to see that you are respecting him in conversation.  If you don’t trust him, keep it to

yourself.  Instead, find out what he is

up to and keep any accusations to yourself unless you have proof.  Once you cross a Libra man negatively, it may

take him a long time to spring back. 

It’s important

to have a new beginning in your life when it comes to love. You can easily

learn what is going to work for you and what will not.  Life is strange in the sense that it gives

you an eye opening into the future and lets you see a glimpse of what it may

hold for you. It’s all about what we do with our lives that matter at the end

of the day. 

What Have

We Learned?

It’s okay to have a break if that’s

what he wants.  He will come back to you

if he feels like there is hope.Don’t overwhelm him with

questions.  Don’t text him more than once a day

if he is not texting you back.Don’t make accusations against

him.  Instead, have proof first.When he wants a break, its for a

reason.  He may not tell you the reason

at first, but he certainly has one.

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