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Interview : Sarah Zerafa - Venere

Posted By carolinestyling 1797 days ago on Fashion - Sarah Zerafa is a girl who has always intrigued me - she's very sweet, has a great sense of style which she loves to mix up and change around and takes really great pictures. Whilst she may not have the height generally sought after for modelling, there's something about her that grabs your attention, simply put, her photos catch your eye. When she auditioned for Venere and got accepted I was very pleased and I have been following her success with a lot of interest. With this in mind I've decided that she should be the second of the Venere girls yo'all should meet - so ladies and gents I give you Sarah Zerafa. Describe your CHARACTER in 5 wordsOutgoing, fun, caring, kind hearted and friendly.Describe your STYLE in 5 wordsMy style various from day to day. I always wake up wanting to dress in a particular style, but my style in 5 words would be: vintage, chic, classic, and mum-90’s-wardrobe. How did you get into modelling?The interest began when I was still a 10 year old, always eager to watch ‘America’s Next Top Model’s latest episode. I also remember wearing my mum’s high heels, running around the house, pretending I’m taking part in a famous fashion show. Then, at around 13 years of age I shot my first commercial and bill board and that gave my career a head start. - I later modeled for some local adverts and photographers started taking more notice of me on Facebook. Some time later, I took part in an international commercial, was part of Fashion Week 2014 and the biggest achievement of all… became a Venere girl!!What makes you angry?When my internet connection isn't strong enough to Skype with my boyfriend who lives in Slovakia :) What do you hate most about modelling and what do you like most?"What I hate most is: waking up with a big zit in the middle of my forehead on the day of an important photo shoot" I hate waking up with a fever and having to wear a summer dress in the middle of December. Last but not least, having to pose in a pair of shoes that are 3 sizes too small and somehow still make them look good!What I love the most in modeling is being able to wear all types of different clothing including the latest fashion trends and high end pieces which I only dream of buying. I also love having my makeup done by professional makeup artists and different hair styles for every look. FAVOURITE venere shoot? Photo : Clint Scerri Harkins This is my favorite Venere photo because although it wasn't an easy photo shoot, I feel that I still managed to produce a good result.LEAST favourite venere shoot? Photo : Steven Muliett This is my least favorite photo - I wasn't that comfortable at the location we where in and I found it very difficult to pose on a motorbike.What's your biggest fashion sin?"My biggest fashion sin has to be wearing the transparent bra straps with a strapless top - come on, every one can see they are still there!!" What do you eat for breakfast?I am not a big breakfast fan! I usually prefer to sleep an extra 30 minutes and have a big brunch later on in the dayAny future modelling plans?After Venere, I already have a couple of photo shoots booked and hopefully I will be involved in some more commercials.You can also read Michela Mallia's Interview here

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