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Interview : Michela Mallia - Venere

Posted By carolinestyling 1772 days ago on Fashion - Photo by Kurt ParisIn a new interview series, we will be meeting the Vnere girls to get to know them a bit better.First up is Michela Mallia. I first met Michela (nurse by day, model by night) when she participated in the Toni and Guy Malta "Be The Look" Competition for which I was the stylist. I was immediately taken with her androgynous style, her bubbly personality and her confidence. I loved the result of that shoot. Michela progressed with her venture into modelling and now I've had the opportunity to work with her again for the lifestyle local program Venere.Here is Michela, in her own words HOW DID YOU GET INTO MODELLING? I was sitting in a makeup artist's chair for a one on one learning session in 2012, when she suggested that I submit a photo to Toni and Guy Malta "Be The Look" Competition. Considering that I know the brand well, I never thought that I would be chosen to compete, but I was shortlisted and eventually chosen as the female model for January. Photo by Kurt Paris for Toni&Guy I was also chosen to compete in Miss World Malta - I placed sixth with my hooded yellow lace Tarik Ediz dress - my own choice. Although it was a fantastic experience, I met and made friends with some amazing young women and gained a lot of recognition, I realised that my niche is high fashion, both in front of the camera and on the runway. This is the reason I applied to Venere; to gain experience and learn from the best people within the local fashion industry. DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY IN 5 WORDS Kind, caring, bubbly, funny, short tempered. DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE IN 5 WORDS Black, androgynous, chic, fashion-forward, mine.WHAT MAKES YOU ANGRY? I hate it when people are not honest with others, choosing to use trust to stab people in the back and get ahead. I am completely against bullying, especially racism. These strong feelings started because I was bullied as a child, and have gotten worse since I started working full time at the ITU and have cared for patients of all forms and colours. Finally, what I think makes me the most angry is child neglect and abuse - children are a gift from God, and it breaks my heart to see kids suffering because they have incapable guardians for whichever reason it may be. WHAT DO YOU HATE MOST ABOUT MODELLING AND WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST? Modelling is a form of self expression that if done correctly - especially in conjunction with fashion, can be translated into art. It is the most freeing experience to be able to pose in front of a camera and produce a phenomenal shot while wearing a huge wig covering half of your face. Apart from that, its fun to be made up from head to toe once in a while. However, it is difficult to be treated differently because of your professional portfolio, and " must prepare yourself mentally for the pornographic innuendos due to more revealing photos or outfits on the runway - no matter how tasteful they may be." You have to learn to trust only the right people because of this consequence. Unfortunately, wanting to look your best can sometimes be taken too far. It is saddening to see so many models that have made themselves ill in an effort to look thin like their colleagues. FAVOURITE VENERE PHOTOPhoto by Keith Darmanin This is my favourite photo because it's a completely different concept. The makeup was totally different to what I am used to having on my face and the wig made posing difficult as half my face was covered but I managed to produce what I think is a phenomenal photo; I can proudly call it mine. In my opinion, the emotion in my face when compared to the mask is really striking. I really wish it could have fared better in the actual Facebook competition.LEAST FAVOURITE VENERE PHOTOPhoto by Tonio LomardiThis photo is my least favourite because it was my first shoot, and it was nerve wracking to pose in Bizazza Street full of people. Although the child that was paired with me was not cooperating, I think that I could have done a better job.WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FASHION SIN? You can say that my younger adolescent days were my fashion sin decade. I was a tomboy and I used to wear the most unflattering items for my figure. "Nowadays, I feel comfortable wearing most of the things that I choose to wear........."My fashion sin would probably be going overdressed to an event.WHAT DO YOU EAT FOR BREAKFAST? Usually I have oatmeal with protein, or else a fruit smoothie chock full of protein, or else protein pancakes. Quite boring actually.DO YOU HAVE ANY FUTURE MODELLING PLANS?I would like to be recognised as a reliable, professional fashion model, and I would like to work with a number of prominent brands in future, namely Charles and Ron, Creative Factory Seven and Ritienne Zammit, both in front of the camera and on the runway. I'm hoping that the Venere team will help me learn more about modelling and the industry to be worth of such opportunities. Eventually I would love to work abroad. I know how difficult it is to break into the industry, but a girl can definitely dream!

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