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Interview : Marisa Grima - New Ventures

Posted By carolinestyling 1680 days ago on Fashion - Marisa Grima needs no introduction and has in fact already been interviewed on this blog a number of times. Recent happenings both with her agency SupernovaModel and a new project called Aura have led me to believe we should meet with her once again to get all the new gossip about these exciting ventures. Marisa, how would you describe yourself to someone who has never met you or heard of you ?Passionate, simply love anything creative, loyal, eclectic, different, fun, happy:) Your modelling agency has been around for a few years now ..any plans to expand or any exciting upcoming projects ? (logo , a couple of photos)Supernova Model Agency is my baby, I have been scouting models for as long as I can remember. "Noelene and myself are constantly working towards making sure our models land the best jobs. "We are also working with a number of foreign agencies and model scouts, to place our models abroad. How do you go about assigning a model to a job ? I s it the client who choose or do you give your own recommendations ?It depends on the job really. We have clients who request models by name, we have clients who ask for recommendations based on specific requirements, or they leave the choice up to us. When the latter happens, we try to fit the model to the job required. If the job description asks for a bubbly fun model, there is no point in sending a model that is shy. That is why it is important to know our models well and build a close relationship with them. SUPERNOVA models in PINK magazine Left Cover by Clint Scerri Harkins, Right Cover by Kurt ParisWe’ve heard through the grapevine that besides supernova, you’ve also just launched an exciting project AURA  - give us the gossip (photo or two)AURA came about due to a number of reasons,  my father passed away and I inherited a property in Naxxar Rd, BKara. It was a question of either selling, renting it out or doing something with it myself. Opening a clothes shop was out of the question, I do not want to go there, even though it is my line and my job. The solution came about by itself really. Last year, I met, purely by chance, Robert Aguis, a very stylish, cool person. I had no clue he was a trained hairstylist, but I loved the way his style. We started talking, and one thing led to another and voila AURA was born. AURA Hair & Beauty Salon offers a getaway from everyday stresses. The design of the salon is very relaxing, eclectic and calm. I hate black in a salon, and when I was deciding on the interior decoration, one thing I noticed is that many salons had a lot of black in their interiors. "I will be spending time in it as much as I can as I love it! "In the morning as soon as I wake up, I go there, have some tea, sit on the sofa and start working from there.What should people keep in mind when choosing a hairstyle ?I think that is more a question Robert should be answering, but from experience I would say hair texture, facial features and lifestyle. ________________________________________________________________________Now for some personal info,  What do you eat for breakfast each morning ?I skip breakfast but drink tea with no milk only. What makes you angry ?Ignorance What excites you ?My job. What is the first thing you look for when scouting a model?Height, size and an interesting face. Not necessarily beautiful though. What are you looking forward to most in 2015 ?More work, health and being happy:):):)

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