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Interview : Maria Grech - Venere

Posted By carolinestyling 1835 days ago on Fashion - Maria Grech is our next Venere girl and she's actually someone I have not yet had the opportunity to work with, however she seems like a lovely girl that the audience is relating here's Maria in her own words...Describe your CHARACTER in 5 wordsFun, honest, outgoing, helpful, but sometimes a bit impatient Describe your STYLE in 5 wordsBlack, safe, vintage, and bit of a tomboy, sometimes lazy but basically it really depends on my moodHow did you get into modelling?Venere is actually my first modelling experience, I've always wanted to model but I never really believed in myself enough to try but then I thought I'd give Venere a shot and I still can’t believe I was actually chosen to be on the program wiht 8 stunning girls .FAVOURITE Venere shoot?photo : steven muliettWhen we shot this picture I was pretty nervous so I thought this will not be the greatest but after I seen the results I loved it! Hopefully I will get even better by time credit goes to LEAST favourite Venere shoot? photo :gary bugejaI didn’t like my face it this picture need to learn a bit more how to relax my face , but hey practice makes perfect credits to What's your biggest fashion sin?"My biggest fashion sin is wearing heels I don’t know how to walk in."What do you eat for breakfast?For breakfast I mostly eat yogurt or cereal Any future modelling plans?After Venere I will hopefully do some fashion modeling that is basically what I always wanted to doYou can also read Michela Mallia's Interview here and Sarah Zerafa's interview here

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