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Inner Musings of a Sleep Deprived Brain during Fashion Week

Posted By carolinestyling 1377 days ago on Fashion - I can clearly recall a classroom moment as a child when a teacher once told me, that talking to oneself was not a good sign. I think I've always been a self-talker so I remember feeling quite concerned, of course in all probability she said this because I had just used the 'I was talking to myself' as an excuse to get out of being sent out of trouble. Or maybe she really believed so. Either way, I've never quite forgotten that moment and as an adult that frequently acts out whole conversational scenarios with myself.. well now that's plenty of bad signs.As Malta Fashion Week 2016 slowly starts to come to an end, it has become increasingly apparent to myself that in times of stress / too much adrenaline / too little sleep, I tend to have even more self-conversations. Some of these are often senseless and incoherent but nonetheless somewhat amusing. So much so that I've decided to share some of these conversations. Scenario 1  - Frequent AccusationsMyself: But why can't you be organised - it's not like you didn't know Fashion Week was coming - couldn't you have prepared everything?Me: It's really not my fault, it just descended on me, I wasn't preparedMyself: Yea rightMe: Welll, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.Scenario 2  - Replace scissors with / makeup brush / show horn / mobile..anything reallyMe: Uses scissors2 secs laterMe Where's that scissors got toMyself: Honestly, you're too much?!!Me: It walked! I swear.Scenario 3 : Using electrical appliancesRunning late ...finally leave house10 mins driveMyself: Did you switch off the straighteners?Me: ummMyself: But why are you an idiot?Me: Turn back?Scenario 4 : Planning TimeMe: I have too much to do, this is impossibleMyself: But can't you just not sleep - then you'll manage everythingMe: I suppose.Myself: It's not really a big deal, it's been done beforeMe {Pause} Yes, you're right, it must be done

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