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Indie Flicks: Delusion (Reviewed)

Posted By themoviesleuth 977 days ago on Movies - Three years after the death of Frank's wife, a mysterious woman appears. As their attraction grows, Frank struggles with reality and his loss. He then tries to start over, not knowing that his choices could lead to his own downfall. What starts off with a strong, attention grabbing first scene, quickly dissolves into one of those lackluster films that you are constantly checking on how much time is left. The general story of Delusion is decent, though it may be a familiar plot. This is one of those movies you can tell the director (not to be too harsh) took a couple film classes and learned how to start off on the right foot but then dumped everything and decided to buy a nice camera to cover up his lack of other skills. The quality of the camera work is nice and high definition. You can see every line of detail on everyone's faces. There's plenty of time to take that in because the camera lingers on almost every close up and dramatic scene throughout the movie. No exaggeration! They could shave off  five minutes of the film just cutting those individual shots down. There are some scenes where the camera is handheld and other scenes where it isn't, not to mention a couple shots where the camera is annoyingly crooked. Maybe the director wanted that to happen? We can only hope! When actual effects do take place, they work really well, and gave a creepy, disorienting feeling. The environments and overall gist of the film match together and make one eerie, gray feeling as well.  Alongside shots that never seem to end, there's something else that seems off through the entirety of the movie. It turns out there is no music, except in the very first scene, making all of those extended close ups seem even more awkward. The sound effects that are used, work well and do not come off as the slightest bit cheesy, though some of the sounds do not match the actions on screen. Dude. This hill is a most awesome hill. There is no other hill like this hill. As far as the acting goes, everyone does a decent job, although some super emotive scenes do not feel that genuine. During an emotional break down, the main character seemed to have almost shrugged it off with slight discomfort. There is also a fight between two people that is obviously staged, perhaps by a rejected WWF choreographer. The makeup is well done, and the fake blood does not look bad. All jokes aside, Delusion is a nice story and a fair attempt at accomplishing its goals, the script is strong and does not waste time, just most everything else does. Don't let this review decide for you. See for yourself and watch this film. You may disagree. Delusion is a film that is written and directed by Christopher Di Nunzio and it stars actors such as David Graziano (Frank), Jami Tennille (Mary), and Carlyne Fournier (Isabella). The film reaches a runtime of eighty five minutes, and was released at a couple film festivals between August and September, before its internet release on October 17th, 2016. Most, if not all of the movie was filmed in Massachusetts. Score-Kirsten Anderson

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