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How to Tell If He is the Love of Your Life

Posted By infinitehoroscopes on Spiritual Blogging - When you

think about him, does he make your heart skip a beat?  If you find yourself thinking about him all

the time, then your heart does feel a connection with him.  If you think about staying with him for the

rest of your life, then he is the one. It’s important to choose a guy that you

are highly compatible with. Not everyone is going to have the same experience

when it comes to love.  Sometimes you must

take your time in trying to figure out who you are supposed to be together


When you

feel compelled to be with someone, you tend to feel like nobody else can come

in and replace them. When you hold and kiss them, they make you feel loved, wanted

and taken care of. It’s important to have a lover in your life that you truly


Having a

soulmate connection is something that most people want, but seldom find. The

fact that you are thinking about someone that makes your life more complete

says a lot about you and the person that you are. 


important to start writing down somethings that make you feel happy about the

person that you are thinking about. 

Keeping a journal will allow you to see that the person that you are

with is going to be with you forever.  You

will soon see that your journal reminds you of true love and what it means to

be close to someone. I find it interesting when people tell me that they have

found “the one” for themselves. People often don’t think all the way through on

how to make a relationship work out.

How to Make

it Work

If you want

your relationship to work out, you will have to take your time in discovering

your partners likes and dislikes. You will find that he has certain likes that

make him feel alive. He may enjoy his career a lot. You may have to boost his

self esteem when he is down. Getting into the heart of a person makes them want

you more.


important to ask yourself what you must do in order to find inner peace and

love throughout the relationship.  It’s important

to not fight or argue. You will find that when this happens, your life becomes

lot more whole and solid. You may find that having inner peace helps you to

understand who you are as a person better.

You can

please him by telling him what is on your mind. 

For the most part, he is going to want to show you that his heart is not

exactly into the relationship, but that you are willing to learn as you



Relationship May Not Be Golden at First


relationship with him may not be what you had hoped for.  In the beginning, you may feel that he is not

giving you his all.  It’s normal to have

a guy that will give you only 50/50 at first. 

Most guys find love to be scary. Most guys don’t want to express their

emotions at first.  This can happen. Sometimes

you may wonder if you are enough for him. 

You may be shocked to know that love happens when you least expect.

Don’t worry

about how to please him. These kinds of feelings will just grow naturally. The

good news is that you do have a lot to think about when it comes to love.

The beauty

of your relationship is that its going to grow and come together when you least

expect.  Consider your relationship to be

one that is always growing. You are constantly learning about one another and

what both of your needs are.  Think of

life as being one big surprise.  We don’t

always get the kind of love or relationship that we want at first. Today, it

takes a lot to get a relationship flowing.


You Believe in the Same Thing?

Having like

beliefs is necessary. You need to have something in common in order to make the

relationship work out. Not every relationship is going to make you smile. At

times, you are going to feel like you are bombarded by negativity and things

that don’t make you feel happy. You may find that having a few new experiences

together allows you to see his heart and what he feels for you entirely. 

You should

be able to talk about your spirituality. 

This is the core of who you are. Your personal belief system is at the heart

of who you are as a person. You need to always find out what you can give and receiving

at the same time.  You need to always

keep focus on what matters to you the most.


important to always look at yourself and find out what you are searching

for.  Your mind will always tell you that

you feel something for someone on a love level or not. The good news is that

you may not always feel like the person that you are with is going to give you

there all, but you can change that by giving more of yourself to that person.

Ask Him

How He Feels About You


important to hear his heart when it comes to love. It’s important to let him know

that you have a feeling of what is on his mind. 

It’s good to open a conversation with him and let him know that you can

see a future together with him. He may not be able to see the full light or purpose

in talking to you right away. However, over time, you will come to realize that

you can be open with him and honest. 

If you

listen to his heart, it will answer many questions for you.  Ask him what is on his mind when he thinks

about you. Most guys don’t like to open. They will often feel more shut down

and unable to express themselves.  It’s

important to have a new beginning and meaning in your life on a day to day


If he is “the

one” for you, your heart will eventually allow him to see that everything is

moving along in a more positive way. He will begin to show you that his heart

is in the right place. 

It’s important

to always let him know that when he speaks to you, its okay to let is thoughts

run freely. Guys like to know that they are not going to bore you. They want to

let you see that you can be together in order to make the connection become

more alive. 

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