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How To Start A Blog With Great Blogging Habits

Posted By CatherineHolt on Blog Tips - Knowing how to start a blog is one thing, but knowing how to start a blog and do so with some great blogging habits is another. It’s like learning to drive.  Not everyone that learns to drive is a safe driver.  It will depend on how they learnt and whether they learnt any bad habits [...]
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These are some real nice tips... I remember starting my blog casually without any strategy in mind. Later I had to work on tens of articles which I have posted in early days of my blog.

So, it is always better to start your blog with a clear vision and good habits from thee very first day.


Hi Catherine,

I like your points here. I think it is vital that we provide our audience with a quality product each and every time we write a post. It should draw the reader in for obviously good reasons and not because we have bad formatting, misspelled words, or any other the other reasons you mentioned here.

Engagement is vital as well. We take the time to create quality content and now we have to share that content and follow that up by engaging with everyone that reads it. That is how we build lasting relationships and get noticed. Thanks for sharing.

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