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How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Alocasia Black Velvet – Full Guide

Posted By planetnatural on Home - The Alocasia Black Velvet, common name Black Velvet Elephant Ear, is becoming increasingly popular as an indoor plant due to its remarkable visual appeal.  This plant, botanical name Alocasia Reginula, is a rare dwarf variety highly sought after for its velvety leaves and deep green coloration. It grows slowly and remains compact, making it an ideal addition to any indoor garden or houseplant collection. Botanical Name: Alocasia Reginula Common Name: Alocasia Black Velvet, Black Velvet Elephant Ear Family: Araceae Plant Type: Herbaceous perennial Hardiness Zones: 10+ (USDA) Sun Exposure: Bright indirect light, outdoor shade Soil Type: Loose, well-draining potting mix Soil pH: 5.5 – 6.5 (Slightly acidic) Height: 1.5 ft Bloom Time: Spring and summer, unlikely to flower indoors Flower Color: White Native Area: Southeast Asia What’s an Alocasia Black Velvet This Alocasia is one of several species native to Southeast Asia, with this plant likely coming from Borneo’s jungle.  English plant collectors gathered the Black Velvet Alocasia and its relatives during the 1860s, who scoured different jungles around the world looking for orchids and houseplants. Often referred to as jewel Alocasias (because it is considered a small gem) or Little Queen, the Black Velvet Alocasia belongs to the Araceae family of tropical origin.  It is an... Read more

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