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Have No Fear!

Posted By CoreyRhodes 1785 days ago on Poems Poetry - Alright have no fear! As many have already noticed, I have been lacking on the posts for the past few months but have no worry! You can easily say that I am taking a late summer break. I have been transitioning from new jobs, medications and my life is starting to tone down again to where it was before. With that said I now have a planned line up for this next so quoted 'Season' as you may. Both 'The Child' and 'Listening For That Sweet Tune' have ended their first acts and I have already been writing the next ones but I wanted to get a few more stories out there. '--Somnia' Will be taking place in the near present future of the world creating a dystopian society and a breaking out of social normalities. 'It Happened On A Tuesday' takes place in the mind of a patient in a mental ward who firmly believes that everything that it is seeing are not in fact hallucinations but actual apparitions that are presenting themselves to the patient. The patient finds himself to be a subject to a new kind of therapy that will either make or break the patient, only time could tell. Additionally, another will soon be released titled 'The Wretched' consisting of two main stories. One being of a man on a great sea voyage to find a lost artifact and another that takes place years after the great voyage ended through the eyes of a teenager, a young man in a small desert village as 'strangers' begin to occupy the lands around them. All of which are apart of the same universe, everything will be connected in the end and this will make an amazing tale.     If you have any questions or ideas on anything within my blog please, don't hesitate and Email me at [email protected], I also encourage comments! Lets make this a community in the coming year. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. With that all information now, You can expect me to be kicking things off next month, living with new material, new stories and new views of life. As if they weren't before, things are going to pick up, violence will ensue Ben and Emery's life. It will be bloodier, it will have more emotion and you all will be pleased to where it is going. Following is a poem titled 'Have No Fear'.Have no fear,all the wastes are won.What have I become?A fatherless son.To shake and smear, your blood and tears, over the walls of the damned.Cant you see? All thats bottled within,with horrible things that,grin with broken smiles.Grinding teeth,floor shakes from beneath.From this I can tell the walls are moist,stink of sweat,drip with angst and joy.The days have passed,but nothing did last,to show me the way was paved.Have no fear,patron saints and satyriasis'you can have a place, where you preach and feed.A numb feeling,pulsing through my back, to spine through all my needs.Crouched and curled,how do you see the world?I see the naked and thin,they have the power to win.A thought of one immortal sign,beast or man,they can push away the right.So have no fear,I can smell the end is near, watch and we procreate. Have no fear,it is the year to win.

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