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Five Reasons Why You Should Start Using a Tag Management API

Posted By teedubya 1597 days ago on Marketing - by Karen Wood, Director of Product Marketing, Ensighten   Pretty much every marketing technology has an API. And for good reason: APIs allow seamless, server-to-server integrations that benefit both the brand leveraging the API and the end user’s experience with that brand.In the digital marketing world, APIs allow marketers to extend digital technologies to channels and devices that typically would not be able to benefit from that technology. For example, Ensighten Mobile leverages analytics APIs to extend tracking to mobile apps, and optimization APIs to extend testing and targeting to airport kiosks or ATMs (among many other use cases).But in the digital marketing world, an API for a tag management system (TMS) is far more rare. But it shouldn’t be, because information about tag deployments, tag editing, tag usage and all other TMS-specific data is relevant to far more people than just the individuals using the TMS tool. An API can avail tag data across teams and agencies that would never have visibility otherwise.Example Tag Deployment DashboardLast week, Ensighten released a brand-spanking-new API for Ensighten Manage. This API is the only enterprise-class API for tag management in the TMS industry.We worked with our customers to build this API from the ground-up, leveraging a multi-tenant architecture modeled after the industry standards established by companies like Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. The fully RESTful API is built to handle the scalability and availability required by the world’s largest organizations.Here are five use cases that rely on a well-built tag management API, which is now available to all Ensighten Manage customers, and the only API of its kind in the industry.Creating dashboards for a business audience Technical marketers and analysts who live day-to-day with their TMS understand how tags are being deployed, edited and loaded on a page. But business counterparts often don’t have exposure to these details. By leveraging the Ensighten Manage API to build custom dashboards, the important details can be brought up into a dashboard for business consumers of the data, without needing to become administrative users of Ensighten Manage itself.Creating dashboards for agencies When it comes to managing tags, agencies can have a range of involvement. Many agencies need exposure to how tags are deployed and used, but they do not require full access to the Ensighten Manage interface. The API allows businesses to build agency dashboards that display the information pertinent to the agency, without requiring the agency to interact with the Ensighten Manage UI itself.Sharing information across geographies Every organization is different. Many large enterprises have both centralized teams operating across multiple geographies, and regional or local teams with overlapping yet differing levels of focus and tag responsibilities. The Ensighten Manage API helps share important tag deployment and usage data at the appropriate level of access for each team.Connecting tag data to other systems Many companies already have mature processes in place surrounding the management of tag updates through different environments and systems. The Ensighten Manage API lets you create, store and modify your tags in an external system and push changes in those systems into your Ensighten Manage account automatically.Extending read-only access tag data for to users without an Ensighten Manage account Let’s face it: not everyone in the enterprise wants or needs an Ensighten Manage account, nor is it appropriate to give an account to everyone. For team members who require read-only access to Ensighten Manage, the API can channel the data they need into readable systems. This extends tag insights beyond the typical group, and helps empower the broader organization to understand how digital tools are being deployed and managed.Ensighten Gives Unparalleled Support for Large EnterprisesEnsighten Manage is long-established as the market leader in accommodating complex workflows that span global teams, regional outskirts, agencies and departments—supporting a combination of workflows across any environment, including development, QA, production or any other. The Ensighten Manage API is another essential tool in enabling a range of teams, and is another stake in the ground distinguishing Ensighten from other TMS solutions that are more narrowly focused on small to mid-size business use cases. It’s no coincidence that nearly a quarter of the Fortune 50 use Ensighten.Example Read-Only View of TMS DataIf you are an Ensighten Manage customer and would like to start using our API, please reach out to your account manager and we’ll get you set up. Or, download our Ensighten Manage API Overview to learn more.Recommended Next Steps:You’ve reached the end of Five Reasons Why You Should Start Using a Tag Management API, but this is only the beginning. If you’re wondering where to go from here, check out these recommended next steps:Visit the resource library to learn more. White papers, webinars, tools, product information and more.Browse our blog. For the latest digital marketing news, research, and resources subscribe to our Blog RSS feed or bookmark a demo. See the Ensighten Agile Marketing Platform for yourself.

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