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Family Corner : Swimwear at KIABI

Posted By carolinestyling 1730 days ago on Fashion - Many adults hate swimwear due to the obvious fact that all body since are laid out in full view. Kids thankfully don't have our body issues so they're free to wear whatever cutest pieces are on the market. Although I don't have kids myself, from what I've been told,  it's best to have many different options, kids tend to *ahem* manage to find different and interesting ways to ensure they get as filthy as possible  - nd then they want to change.For this reason, KIABI's budget range is absolutely excellent and they've got some really nice ones too, I'm quite taken with all the accessories too - hats and jelly shoes!Frills, frills, frills - shall I say it again? Flick through the slideshow belowDon't forget about those cute little bucket hats - both for boys and girls :) Look at those little shoes back there in the back ...

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