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Family Corner : Should there be 'FASHION' 4 Kids?

Posted By carolinestyling 1605 days ago on Fashion - I recently debated the subject of kids and fashion trends with someone - the person in question thinks that kids should simply be dressed in a cute, sweet manner whilst I happen to like both the cute pieces but I also love the more 'fashionable' stuff which currently are really born out of adult look-alike clothes but cutified for want of a better word.  I find the idea of a 1-year-old kid dressed in a slogan top saying miss fashionista insanely adorable. River Island, are great at these 'fashionable' kiddie clothes and they've managed (again, in my humble opinion) to strike a good balance between trendy and cute.But really, who can resist the picture of a little boy wearing cuffed denim jeans and leather moccasins?All Clothes from River Island MiniWould love to hear your opinions on this subject :)

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