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Family Corner : Name Tags for Children

Posted By carolinestyling 1671 days ago on Fashion - If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you must know that I've spent the last two days at a Google Conference. I met so many interesting people, all of them running different SME digital companies - some startups, some non-profit, others highly profitable. One business owner who really caught my interest is the owner of a company called My Nametags. This product is really quite innovative and perfect for this week's family corner edition. Back when I was a child, I can recall my mother sewing labels onto nearly everything I owned and I although I never checked, I assume other mothers did the same for their children's wordly possessions. I figure this practice exists because children can't be relied on to distinguish their identical-looking blazer from their friend's - deeming these labels necessary. has decided to create their own labels, with a slight difference - they don't need to be sewed on - they can either be stuck on (guaranteed to remain stuck and it's actually their recommended product format) or ironed on if preferred, The best part is, that they can be ordered in different formats - colours, handwriting options, pattern options - this means your child can have a unique label, almost like a logo of sorts.So anyway check them out at - I think this product rules :)

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