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Family Corner : Kids 'Takeover' at River Island

Posted By carolinestyling 1663 days ago on Fashion - I've been mentioning the ultra-cute baby wear at River Island and  a few weeks ago I announced the extension of the range to 0-12 years.  There's quite a large section fo the shop now dedicated to kids - not sure how I feel about kids taking over one of my favourite stores, does this mean less buying options for me? But as was the case with the baby pieces, the designs are bang on the buck with that perfect harmony of cute-as-hell and trendy kids wear. Worth mentioning, the best thing about the range is that none of these pieces are sexy or provocative, there's none of that 'dressing children in a slightly tarty manner' approach that I've heard a lot of parents speak out against - this is more about "fun" pieces.

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