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Family Corner : BABIES & TODDLERS @ Kiabi

Posted By carolinestyling 1843 days ago on Fashion - Maybe it's the fact that I'm soon to become an aunt (hurrah!) that's increasing this factor, but I find that whenever I look at 'little' clothes I just want to buy everything - there's just something so cute about a little pair of shoes, a little frilly dress, a little shirt and tie and..well.. basically anything little, it's the little that does it. I apologise for missing last week's edition of the Family corner, too many things happened last week and I simply lost track of time - but hey you get it bright and early on a Tuesday morning.The miniature UGG-like shoes in the first cover pic are 6.99 euros.I think it's a must that a little girl has a fur waist coat - because I love pink (comes as a shock right?) I'd choose the pink tie-dyed one below but the black one above is equally great. Both are only 9.99 euros.cozy, cuddliness - 19.99 eurosWho wouldn't buy their child a panda zip-up ?  - 12 eurodSome people who knew me when I was about two years old say they always seem to remember me wearing pretty dresses and swishing them about- maybe that's why when it comes to girl's clothes I tend to gravitate towards the pretty dresses. Love this one in the pic above - 14 euros.Some more photos:

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