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Convertkit Review! Can Convertkit Get You More Opens?

Posted By DerekMarshall 83 days ago on all - Looking for an Honest Convertkit Review?

Let me ask you a quick question first!

Do you know what the most important thing about email marketing is?

It's not "building your list" - that comes later!. It is using the right and most effective tools.

Imagine you are using the wrong one and getting only a 30% open rate or a mere 6% Click Through Rate?.

How much more money would you make if those stats were improved slightly to 50%+ and 9% CTR? Buckets of cash right? and ton more traffic to your blog posts (an thus better organic rankings as a spin off!), not to mention a more joyful zest and smile as you start planning your email the sweet sound of Kaching!.

Let's see if this is possible with Convertkit in this Convertkit Review!

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