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Clinton Basketball and Sports Philosopher

Posted By SportsPhilosopher 931 days ago on Sports -      Clinton College Basketball and TSPN (The Sports Philosopher Network) have announced a verbal committment to air game highlights, player/coaches interviews, and a weekly recap show. It is a huge boost for the visibility of the Clinton College Basketball Program and puts a much deserved eye on these players who sacrifice there time to help Clinton Basketball. It is a win for TSPN as well as it allows us to put purpose behind an already popular platform.     TSPN will stand by the philosophy that we are not looking for viral coverage or waking up the next day to be bombarded with subscribers. However, we want to maintain the integrity of consistent and insightful looks at the sports world. The attraction to Clinton Basketball is that we feel that this school coaches kids for the right reasons and the kids are the true stories. It's a microcosm of basketball for the sake of basketball.

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