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Clean Living : Breakfast with a Difference

Posted By carolinestyling 1157 days ago on Fashion - I've spent most of my life being a total carb addict - bread, pasta, crisps - it's the food group that excites me most. When I first started cleaning up my diet and took up the Plan H program, the hardest thing to do without was bread and butter as my daily breakfast.I still miss it, I mean after all, bread and I had a love relationship that spanned decades, you can't just forget about all those feelings within a few months and when I travel on holiday, exceptions are made, relationships renewed. I have, however, found a healthy compromise for those days when I'm neither on holiday nor in 'cheat mode' - banana bread. I first heard of banana bread a few years ago whilst in Sydney, it was all the rage there but I turned up my nose at it as something 'strange', 'carb hating' people would eat.Fast forward a few years, I'm subscribed to Plan H and they include it regularly on their menu so I was forced to try it, - I was pleasantly surprised to find I like it.Banana bread and white, flour-filled bread are totally different, both in taste and appearance, but I've found that banana bread can really satisfy that bread craving, If you''re feeling a bit more indulgent, it works really well toasted, served with a dollop of melted butter. There are tons of recipes online, I've never tried to make this, but I've eaten it at different places and always liked it, this isn't a recipe post but an idea for a healthy breakfast. On a side note, I'm not in the least a banana fan but I somehow manage to enjoy this, probably because the banana taste is not overpowering at all.I also strongly suggest that whatever you decide to eat, make it count, make an effort to sit down and enjoy whatever it is, place it in something pretty, whatever tickles your fancy, I happen to like ceramic crockery. Enjoying the moment can make a hell of a difference as to how much you enjoy the actual food item as well as helping you establish new, loving relationships.The Clean Living Section is sponsored by PLAN H - Plan H is a truly innovative company that I personally make use of - they deliver daily, healthy, balanced, planned meals and snacks (for the entire day) to your door - Read up about my 8-week challenge experience here and find them on FACEBOOK

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