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Building a Digital Marketing Intelligence Program

Posted By teedubya 1326 days ago on Marketing - By Dima Brodsky, Named Account Executive, Ensighten Over the past several years in the digital marketing, analytics, and measurement space, I’ve worked with several dozen large enterprise companies across every major industry vertical. On my journey I’ve seen some very common themes around big data coming from leading industry experts, key industry conferences, and the general marketplace. They reveal universal challenges enterprises face when bringing data together across every device or channel, understanding and marketing to the omni-channel consumer, and personalization across those channels. While those themes are very important to drive success from a digital marketing perspective, I also see prospective clients continue to struggle with setting up the proper measurement framework to guide their marketing, analytics and optimization programs. Without this in place, the process of building a strong optimization program is all but impossible. Another large challenge facing these businesses is the inability to move their analytics and digital marketing programs forward due to frustrations with setting up proper tagging across their web and mobile channels. So the question we have to ask ourselves is where do we start?First and foremost, companies must strive to develop a Digital Marketing Intelligence Program. What is a Digital Intelligence Marketing Program? It is a program that is developed within the digital marketing and analytics organization and its charter is to ensure that the current measurement and analysis strategies are being mapped to the key business objectives of the organization. While this may seem simplistic, I see large organizations continuing to struggle with the basics. The most common challenges are the lack of executive sponsorship, lack of resources, and lack of alignment between different groups within an organization. Secondly, organizations should strive to build a Center of Excellence around measurement and analysis. To support this Center of Excellence organizations need a foundational hub where they can manage their key digital marketing technologies and initiatives through a standardized platform. Ensighten’s Agility Marketing Platform (AMP) allows these organizations to begin this process in the right way. Once the Digital Intelligence Program and Center of Excellence are in place, organizations can move from simply reporting on KPI to creating fully optimized experiences across all of those channels. One of the key ways Ensighten also helps is through the use of the Ensighten Data Layer. The Data Layer describes events and information uniformly across the entire site, and is a single, consistent place to store and retrieve data values so that different tags can easily and quickly find the same piece of data. Through the use of the data layer in conjunction with the proper Digital Marketing Intelligence Program, Ensighten can help enterprises properly implement and manage key technologies and allow the marketing and analytics team to provide key business insights to the organization. During a state of continued growth and improved efficiency of the Data Layer, enterprises are able to move down the path of optimization and personalization.Once a company has a sound Digital Marketing Intelligence Program built within their Center of Excellence, they can begin to deliver high value analyses and insights back to the business. The result of this program will be sponsorship and acceptance of the program at the executive level. Once this occurs, the digital marketing and analytics team can begin to communicate effective ways to personalize and optimize the customer experience across the digital landscape. No matter where your company stands along the path of building a Digital Marketing Intelligence Program, it is important to make sure that you are moving in that direction. In future blog posts, we will discuss how the Ensighten Agile Marketing Platform can help drive the Digital Marketing Intelligence Program to the next stages of personalization.

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