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Are Single Chat Rooms Good for a Woman’s Dating Life?

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Chat Rooms

When you are

single, the thought of chatting online with other singles is fun.  You get to meet new people and enjoy yourself

for a while.  However, when it comes to

dating online, does it bring chatting online to a completely different level?

If you are a

woman talking to a bachelor in a singles chat room, is it a good idea to do so

if you see yourself dating him?  After

all, you are not the only woman that is probably feeling this way for him.  There are a lot of dating sites that he has

probably already been to.  Perhaps you

are chatting to him online because you were the first woman to connect with him

for the day.  Can this put you in a

dangerous situation? 

Chat rooms

are fun if you know that the guy you are speaking to is genuine and has an

interest in you.  You can get to know a

guy through a chat room because it’s almost like talking on the phone.  After your first initial chat, you should

have at least one video chat connection with him in order to see if he is the

person that you think he is. 

Many times,

women get catfished on the internet.  A

guy might have a picture of themselves in their profile that is not really

them.  This can be disappointing.

However, it’s even worse when you discover that you have not been talking to

who you think it should have been after several weeks, months and years.   

If possible,

try to chat with guys that live locally. 

In this way, you can meet up with them for a date.  Perhaps going out for some coffee or tea at Starbucks

would be a perfect date.

Long distance

dating can be hard because you don’t get to spend time with the guy to get to

know him. It can be rather difficult to bond with someone that you can’t see in

person that often.  Some long-distance

relationships do work out, but its not typical.

List of

Some Free Chat Rooms:

A free dating

site is great if you are on a budget. Sometimes, paying the $40.00 a month membership

fee that a lot of dating sites charge is costly over a year.  That can add up to nearly $600.00 a

year.  If you can join a free dating

site, then you can find guys that you can get to know for love. 

Love takes

time to build. If you have been in the singles scene for a while, you know how

hard it is to find someone that is of quality. Most guys today seem only

interested in getting to third base. 


most women are looking for the real deal. 

They want to have love, marriage, intimacy and a future build with a man

that is willing to give themselves completely. 

Today, love can be scary because you don’t know who someone is.  Most guys today seem to be putting on a

front.  They often want you to believe

that they are someone other than what they really are.


with someone in a chat room can give you a rough idea of their personality if

you talk regularly. If you talk a man several times a week via chat, you will

see what he is all about. Often, guys will talk to you about their ex-girlfriends,

wives and job. 

In my

opinion, be careful of any guy with a criminal background.  Most guys with criminal backgrounds can’t get

good jobs and you will often feel like you are his sugar mama if you get into a

relationship with him.  It will make you

feel like you may be used for money and not love.

Video chat

is becoming increasingly popular today because of the in person feel to

it.  With modern day technology, you can

see who you are talking to.  This will

leave you feeling completely confident that you are not being lied to.  The internet can be a deceptive place where

many guys will try to be someone that they are not.


Single Can Be Lonely

The reasons

why a lot of women turn to chat rooms is because they feel lonely.  Loneliness for a romantic companion can drive

you to chat rooms because you don’t want to be lonely in your home or at work.  It’s hard to find someone to love in a fast-paced

world. It is estimated that only 30% of millennials will choose marriage in

their lifetime. It is said that most millennials will choose to either live

with someone or have relationships that don’t last beyond a year. 

Most millennials

feel that its easier to get into a relationship and then leave it once communication

dries up or they feel the need to bond with someone else of interest.  Today, relationships tend to last only for a

short while.

You may remember

your grandparents having a successful marriage or relationship that lasted

beyond 10 years. In today’s world, its not going to be so easy. The #1 reason

is because of self-control. 

Most singles

today find that its to hard to work on problems in a relationship.  Most singles today think that its easier to just

move on to a new person if things don’t seem to be working out. 

In previous

generations, men and women would often fight for their relationship.  They would often keep a relationship going

even if there were major problems because they knew that everyone has

troubles.  As a couple, you should always

strive to make the love work because your next relationship won’t be any

easier.  Eventually, you will see that

the next person in your life has commitment issues or perhaps is doing

something wrong that you are upset about.

With online

dating, you can screen the person that you are thinking about becoming

romantically involved with.  It can be

good because it is obviously not physical. 

Its more emotional. You can see if they can meet your emotional

expectations first before you get into the love making. 

If you find

that the guy you are chatting with online is worth your time, then its best to go

for it.  Allow him to see that your heart

is into the connection.  Talk to him

about why you feel a connection with him. 

It’s best to not dump on him about some ex-boyfriend that hurt you. Most

guys really don’t want to hear that even though they may not ask you about it.

It’s best to say that it just didn’t work out. 

Then jump the conversation to talking about him. 


Known Dating Websites:


online chat rooms that you share a common interest. If you go to a website like, you will find that there are a lot of different chat rooms about various

topics. If you are into sports, you may enter a chat room about sports and start

talking about what you know about the latest winnings in soccer, baseball,

football and more. 

Once you

begin chatting with someone that has a like interest, you are creating a bond.

Bonds are not created easily.  Bonds that

time to build and often don’t come together easily.  Most bonds take their time.  A lot of singles say that their relationship

tends to last a lot longer when they can have fun with someone that they can have

fun with.  Most women find that dating a

man that is a lot like them leads them to marriage or a living together situation. 

Be Different

from Other Women

Today, most

guys find that its easy to have sex with a woman. They find that hooking up

with a woman is easy because you can do it through a dating app, in person at a

nightclub or bar.  Men can even ask for a

hookup in a chat room. 

Today, you

will have to think like a 1950’s woman if you want to be different.  Women in the 1950’s cared a lot about their

reputation. They didn’t want to be known as the woman that liked sleeping

around.  She would often not sleep with a

man until she got married. 

Believe it or

not, most men today are not getting into relationships because they feel that

its easier to just sleep with a woman. 

In this way, they don’t have to put their finances on the line, and they

can come and go as they choose. 

By nature,

men love to be free.  They prefer living alone

but having an active social life.  They

want to feel that they can invite people over to their homes when they are

lonely and then kick them out of the house when they are finished.

Most men

fear having the nagging and controlling girlfriend living in the home. They are

afraid of the women telling them what to do. 

They like to not have to report to you where they are at or what they

are doing. Most men feel that they love feeling like they are single.  Therefore, most men prefer staying single for

as long as they can. 

However, if

you show the man that you are different and don’t sleep around, he is more

prone to living together or marrying.  If

he thinks that he can only get in your pants this way, it will cause him to

think more seriously about you. He will try to pressure you to give him what he


However, if

you want commitment, this is the way to go. 

Previous generations of women did it this way. I believe that they were

much smarter when it came to dating men than women in the 21st

century.  Those women knew how to keep their

men for decades.

Single women

today must think smarter about landing a man. Women must stand up and say, were

will not give up or bodies unless we have a ring on our finger.  This is how life was lived for most women in

the 1950’s and it seemed to work for most women. 

Group chat

can be fun if you have different men and women talking about topics of

interest. I enjoy going into chat rooms with 10 to 20 people talking about

art.  I am an art lover and enjoy talking

about Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh. 

You may

enjoy talking abut celebrity gossip or the news. No matter what your interests are,

group chat is fun.

Men often

look for websites that they can chat with women.  It’s a lot of fun and most men find that it’s

the easiest way to pick up women.  In previous

generations, men would have to approach a woman by talking with her face to

face. That was hard and often men avoided talking to women because of it.

Today, the internet has changed the way in which a man can approach a woman for

a date. 


important for mobile chat to be enabled on your phone.  You will find that most men today preferring texting

over calling. Most men like the ease of entering a chat room at their own

convenience. Chatting by phone can be a lot of fun. 

The best

chat rooms are those that we get something out of.  Even if its not for dating, sometimes

chatting with men and women in chat rooms makes us feel less lonely. Sure,

watching a Netflix movie is fun. 

However, it can be lonely if you are watching it alone. When you have

others to share it with in a chat room, then you can have a rather rewarding


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