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Advice Cards for Malta Fashion Week

Posted By carolinestyling 1479 days ago on Fashion - Right,  so guys - It's Malta Fashion Week Time !!!!. Mega excitement building up now. For the last month, I kept saying 'oh there's still lots of time left' and now suddenly, it's right around the corner and I feel terribly unprepared. I have no idea what I'm wearing on any of the days and and just general consternation building up. I have however been daily giving myself mental notes of things to remember. I figured I should write these down at some point or risk forgetting them all. So I've listed them down as a blog post for all of you to read throguh. Hope they're useful.1. It is likely to be chilly - if you tend to feel cold like I do, pack a wrap/shawl or a bottle of whisky.2. Stiletto heels might not be the easiest footwear to navigate 'old' flooring.3. The outdoor venue located close to the sea means frizzy hair might be at risk - up styles . serums and hairspray might need to become your new best friends.4. Wear Glitter & Sequins - yes glitter, we're living the David Bowie age. Sequins and glitter are two of the hottest trends at the moment plus it's Fashion Week - where else can you wear such things.5. If you're wearing tights, pack an extra pair into your bag. Even if you never ever tear your tights - how ironic would it be if Fashion Week was when it first happened ?6. Sunglasses. The shows start at 6.30 am, sunglasses are a very good idea.7. Arrive Early. Arriving late causes hassles  - you will feel hassled and the organisers who are trying to keep things running smoothly will be even more hassled.8. Interact with new people. If you're remotely interested in fashion and I assume you wouldn't be going if you weren't, this is your chance to meet those people working in or starting to work in the local industry. Want to be a makeup artist and have a burning question to ask your fave mua ? She'll surely be around on one of the days  most people are happy to be approached.9. Take a selfie. Documenting your fashion week outings and outfits on social media is part of the fun. I'm definitely going to be snap happy10. Follow my journey backstage, in the audience and everywhere else On Instagram / Snapchat (@carolinestyling),My Facebook PageAnd of course right here on this blog .

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