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A Guide to Really Bad Customer Service (Written by Devil’s Advocate)

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People write about great customer service all the time. Awesome support here, excellent customer service there.

Don’t you think it’s pretty boring?

I mean, I understand that a while ago it was trendy to raise customer service to a higher level, but it’s 2016, nearly every company has a fantastic customer service. Is it something that we should be aspiring to?

Let’s take a look at Comcast.

Their support is probably the worst customer service ever and yet everyone is talking about the company all the time!

Even I have mentioned them a couple of times, recently in a post about problem-solving, because Comcast customer support apparently doesn’t know how to solve their customers’ problems.

Whenever a list of companies with bad customer service is published, Comcast is mentioned in each one of them. Can you believe that last year they decided to spend $300 million to fix their customer service? I mean, especially now, when everyone is talking about them? What a dreadful idea!

But let’s not focus on company’s incomprehensible ideas and let’s move on to how your brand can gain some fame of theirs.

Here’s the one and only guide to really bad customer service!
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