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A Comprehensive Guide To WordPress End User Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Running a WordPress site comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations, so you need to be proactive in monitoring the end user experience, and troubleshooting issues that you find. So how exactly can you go about achieving this efficiently and consistently?   WordPress End User Monitoring & Troubleshooting Here are some tips and tools you’ll need to iron out problems with your WordPress-powered web presence.   Knowing Which Metrics to Track The first thing to grasp is what you’ll need to look into to know whether there are complications to troubleshoot at all. If site speed is suffering, with pages loading slower than they should, this will clearly compromise the user experience (UX). If downtime is spiking, and unplanned outages are common, visitors might not be able to access the site whatsoever. If the number of requests received per second fluctuates wildly, it could be a sign that something is awry, even if the other metrics are comparatively stable. It’s also necessary to use the Activity Log to check up on changes made to your site, so that you know what has been tinkered with, both from a monitoring and optimization perspective, as well as from a security point of view.   Using Monitoring Platforms to Your Advantage There are tools out there that are designed to monitor the end-user experience and streamline the steps involved in troubleshooting dilemmas that crop up with WordPress sites from time to time. These solutions can roll the aforementioned metrics and many more together into a cohesive, unified ecosystem, accessed through an intuitive interface, which lets you get an instant snapshot of the state of play from moment to moment, as well as giving you the ability to track it over time. The upshot is that you’ll not only be able to...

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