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5 Ways to Scale Your Online Business by Hiring a Virtual Receptionist

Posted By ivanpw 1408 days ago on Business - Most of you reading this are either considering hiring a receptionist, or looking for ways to slash the often high cost associated with these front line employees. The truth is that an in-house receptionist can easily end up costing you up to $5000 a month when you add up all their costs.

Since you’re already running an online business, why hire someone to come sit in an office and pay them an exorbitant amount of money to do so?
Fast facts about the “true” cost of hiring in-house phone reps
The median salary for this profession is somewhere in the neighborhood of US$ 33,583 (source.) That means they’re already costing you over US$ 2,500 monthly – before social security, pension, 401k, disability, time off and (gasp!) healthcare expenses nearly double that monthly obligation!…

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