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5 of the Latest Marketing Trends of 2015

Posted By Audienti 1775 days ago on Marketing - A new year brings new trends, especially when it comes to marketing, and we’ve been busy compiling some of the most anticipated and promising ones of 2015. Don’t waste your energy chasing after every hot new ploy that rolls into town; take note of these marketing trends instead, and become one of the early adopters. If you do it well, who knows? We may even be writing about you this time next January.
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Consumers are very much aware companies collect mountains of their personal data. Companies know all about them, so why shouldn’t they know all about the people selling to them?
Massively popular brands like Starbucks and Virgin Airlines have excelled at brand transparency, writes contributor Sean Kim in a late-December Entrepreneur magazine article. They’ve shown their customers their “why.”
“Transparency is the new black,” he says. “This means if you’re not able to bring your customers and fans inside what’s happening in your business—whether you’re a solopreneur or a 1,000 employee company—you’re already behind the trend.” When done correctly, this marketing trend will inform all other marketing strategies. Stop focusing on what your product or service does and start focusing on what you do. What are your company values? How can you put a face to your brand, like how Richard Branson is intrinsically linked to Virgin? How can you show you truly care about your customers’ needs?
Internal Communications
Companies will continue to recognize that their employees and brand ambassadors are some of the most powerful marketing assets they have. The marketing trend here is that his year, they’ll start to focus on using internal communications as a marketing tool. “They will look at it as a key challenge and opportunity to create brand ambassadors and make sure that employees and vendors understand and live ‘the brand’,” writes contributor Avi Dan in Forbes. These communications are also a good way to define company values and humanize your company, which helps to make you more transparent.
 Brand Publishing
This marketing trend is simply the next step for content marketers. They’re already telling stories, but they can build those stories into something more comprehensive. In fact, Social Media Today says that “in 2015, all smart and savvy brands will become publishers.” The site says that brands such as Red Bull and automotive group DriveTime have found topics that their customers are passionate about, and they’ve created a content empire around those topics. Think about it: Red Bull is synonymous with extreme sports. DriveTime posts extensively about cars. They’ve proclaimed themselves the experts, and it’s helped established and reinforced their branding.

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Data collection has been a standard marketing practice for a few years, but 2015 will usher in an era where you really get to know your customers. “Put away your one-to-many playbook and dig deeper into customization and personalization strategies to find the small, yet potentially profitable subsets of your market and niche offerings,” says marketing site of the marketing trend. “Committing to buyer persona development lets you deep dive into needs, lifestyle, and motivations of your buyers.”
Video Is King
Video will be the dominant content format of 2015, predicts Social Media Examiner. But the site reports that this marketing trend will go beyond YouTube. Although YouTube has more views across all devices, Facebook surpassed YouTube in the number of video views via desktop in August 2014, and in September it attracted a billion video views per day, a roughly 30-fold increase since July. Facebook videos also receive more shares.
To capitalize on this trend, the site recommends having your customers help you create content. “Videos captured with a smartphone are much easier than writing a review,” writes contributor Hedi Cohen. “Make it easy for customers by setting up an area of your establishment to encourage them.”
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