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3 Silly Mistakes Made by New Bloggers that Need to Go

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blogging - 3 big time new blogger mistakes cripple even the most ambitious individuals. I often see aspiring newbies make these huge blogging boo boos that guarantee their failure, no matter how hard they work or for how long they work, or no matter what tools, hacks or techniques they use. They will fall flat on their faces if they fall prey to these faux paus. Check ’em out. Honestly assess whether or not you are making these mistakes too. Save yourself year’s worth of struggle and some major league headaches too. 1: Trusting Advice from Family, Friends and Everybody but Skilled, Professional
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Good post, I'm applying this blog advice to building my "Vlog" and YouTube Channel growth. LOVED being able to watch the video along with this post. When I was looking for reviews of Blog Engage on YT it was your review video that I watched and that helped me decide to join.

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