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2016: Best of Letters to LA LA land

Posted By nomerovic 1430 days ago on Blogging - 2016 was a learning year. Blogging and social media world change all the time and it was the first full year of posting content together since Amy and Zahra joined Letters to LALA land. Happy holidays, everyone! We wanted to take a second to thank you so much for reading, whether you check in every day or now and again. I can’t tell you how much we adore our readers and how grateful we are for you.Today we rounded few of our favorite posts from 2016: Most read posts of 2016:Top 5 Costumes for Halloween Best Places to Visit in Canada for 2016 Cleaner Car with FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filters and FRAM EngineAir FiltersThoughtful Gifts for Under $50.   Best of travel:MostarVaradero Dubrovnik  Best of Life and Style: Something About Being Older....5 Alternatives to Hotels25 Things To Learn and Do Before You Are 30Things corporate world taught meHow To Do A Fiscal Fast    Our favorite posts:Nermisa OOTD - Workhall coat and Western Canada Fashion Week x Designerz Den  ZahraOOTD - Party Jumpsuit and How to: Have a Social Life and a (Positive) Bank Account Balance   AmyHow I Ran a Spartan Race and Survived and Five Things Cuba Taught Me.   You can read all category posts: Book of the Month posts Music of the Month posts Movies and TV monthly selection OOTD posts Five favorites Travel posts Beauty Posts  Thank you for reading. 

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