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2014 Bot Traffic Report : "Bots now account for 56% of all website traffic"

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - A study by Incapsula suggests 56% of all website traffic is now generated by bots.
The company reported that for most websites bot traffic is between 63% and 80%.
2015 will be the rise of impersonator bots, while RSS bots seem to be on their way to extinction.

What's the bot situation in your website?
Check it out, it depends on your daily traffic.



What I believe will happen is that most will start using CDNs for security as well as faster page loads. Keeping on top of the latest security issues is something Incapsula does well, so why should every hosting company do it if they can outsource that part?


I remember, a few years back I had a long discussion with Hostgator and got some anti bot measures implemented. Web hosts can block bots up to some extent.

I guess CDN can be a better option perhaps?


Hi Erik,

If you run WordPress, the WordFence plugin will automatically block fake Google crawlers and any bot that makes too many requests. It is a good free line of defence for now, but I suspect eventually serious bloggers may need a CDN. Not all of them focus on security though. Some focus more on page load times.


I never heard of Squidix.

So you recommend them?

I see prices are more competitive that most of the other hosting services...

I'm with HostGator, on dedicated server. But the price to pay monthly is pretty high...


I moved over to Sam's server, I didn't need a dedicated what so ever, the site has been loading fantastic. Moving to a new server is always stressful, so far I give Sam 100% he's really been fantastic and always easy to get a hold of. The support is far better than anything I have ever seen. He moved over all my sites, set up my e-mails, databasses, and even made auto backups for me. Perhaps if you try and use his form and chat with him you can get a similar deal. Make sure he knows I sent ya LOL.

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