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18 Blogging Tips To Get Your Site Noticed By Your Target Audience

Posted By erikemanuelli 2006 days ago on Blog Tips - Who’s your blog’s target audience?

How well do you know their needs, what they like to read and what makes them click a link?

How do you get them to notice you and your blog?

Getting your site noticed by your specific target audience takes a bit of study and understanding, but I make it easy for you with these blogging tips.



Hi Erik,

There is of course no doubt that you're one of the pioneers when it comes to working online and making some cool cash out it.

Therefore sharing with us some of the ways to making money online and in depth for that matter is something which really ought to be taken paramount but one thing ought to be understood and that has to do with the fact that making money online takes a lot of hard work and some luck.



Tip #1 is definitely where it starts for me. I have found that blogging communities have been the source of most of my traffic lately. As I participate and provide relevant comments I am receiving more and more visitors and comments to my blog as well.

I will definitely utilize some of your other awesome tips here as well. Thank you for sharing.

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